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I recieved this same call today from a 2022390426 number on my cell but I didn't answer...they left a message saying he was Lt William Rice stating that he was from the Drug Enforcement Administration office in Washington DC. He said to call him back as soon as possible regarding a package of medicine they had confiscated from overseas. I googled the number and saw it was a scam....Called back and surprisngly it was this "Lt William Rice" that answered the phone. (they must never have tried to get through to a governemtn agency!!) I told him I was returning a call. He asked my name & I told him and he told me that I need to have an attorney because illegal drugs were confiscated from 2008-09.  Before he said any more (I kinda wished I would've let him go on!), I told him that I was with the county police force and that we have been trying to catch to scammers for the last 2 yrs and I wanted to hook up the DEA so we could get our share of the collar!  I asked him who the US attorney handling the case was and he said he would have to get back with me.  I then asked which office of DEA he was with and he just said Ditrict of Columbia (like there's only one DEA office there).  When I asked for the person in charge of the case, he just hung up!!!  Fight fire with fire!!!!I have been getting  10-15 calls/day for the last year or so that are either hangup, or they leave a msg, or they want to let me know that my Rx is ready to ship but they need a Credit card number...figured it is all part of same sort of scam...I tried to get some sction with the phone company, but the numbers that show up on my phone do not come across on my bill so they do not have a record of the harrassing calls. If someone has any idea to get these calls to stop, I'd like to know...the Do NOT call registry does not work...I have tried that a few times.
Wow I just go this message as well.  Number was 551-333-8220.  I once recieved another call like this from a different number. This is a total scam.
I  received a call from 2022390426, claimed he was DEA supervison Richard King and that I bought illegal drugs over the internet and I could fight it in court and lose and end up in jail for 9 mos or pay a fine of $950. I knew this was a scam  but played along - said I couldn"t afford that so he lowered it to $200 and said sent to 1600 Washington Ave  suite 107 in the DR to a Julio Santana-after mailed call back with reference #. I guess he's still waiting for the call that will not come. Jokes on them.
Just received a call from an Officer Jason Hale. He requested me to send $850 within an hour to the address by the name of Edison Joseph, and call him back with the ref#. If I didn't do so I would serve time in my local facility. I called a good friend who is chief of police in local area and he said to call my city police station. And file a report. It's all to fishy. Scared the crap out of me though..
omh i just got the same call today! Super shady! Thank God for google! Word for word the same thing!!!
Same thing here around 11 am Eastern Time on April 27, 2010.  This thread is a real relief!
4/22 Same thing happened to me wanting $900 said there was a warrant out for my arrest in knoxville TN for buying diet pills over sea. I contacted Knoxville police and they called the number and the man answered and hung up on them. I also contacted DEA and they said it was a scam...I wish they would catch this jerk!
Got several calls from people claiming to be from the dea office in knoxville tennesee. 865-332-1067.  Unless I wired via western union 850.00 to julio santana in the dominican republic i would have to appear in court because they claim they intercepted a package of medication with my name and address on it from the dominican republic. they claimed I could pay an 850.00 fine or go to prison for 60 days.  Since I did not order any drugs, never had any contact with the dominican replublic I knew this was a scam.  I contacted the federal authorities who told me this scam has been going on for quite some time.  They feds said they have a case opened and agreed to e-mail me a questioner to fill out and return. They also told me I would most likely continue to get calls.  beware of this scam.  the dea or fbi do not sork this way.
Received the same call as mentioned above, After reading the comments I'm going to have some fun with this guy. I love a goose chase.
My wife got the same message on her voice mail only from a Lt. William Rice, DEA.   It's a scam and this is just a new number than he was using last fall.    There's a longer thread about this scam using the number 410-929-8358.   Sounds like he's just mixing up the scam with new names and numbers.
I got a call said I had 1 and 1/2 hours to wire money to dominican republic or I would have to do 3 to 9 months jail time. He stated that I had to pay as charges were being filed to day would not answer any questions about himself or ID
I too received a voice message from 865-332-0167.  Man stated to be a Lieutenant with the Nashville TN Drug Enforcement Agency and was calling regarding confiscated drugs.  Have not called back yet.  Going to do more research before doing so.
Got a call from a man claiming to be DEA agent in Nashville.Claimed I bought drugs illegally over seas.I have no idea what he is talking about.Must be a SCAM..hung up and never heard from him again.

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