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I don't understand.  What is with these people?I have my share of debt, both personal and through my company, so I am not unfamiliar with the collections process.  I don't understand why when I try to call these number back, do they not identify themselves???  I just get a "thank you for calling card services"....really?  Which friggin' card services?  or "Thank you for calling customer support"....okay...what customer???Does anyone really think that i would give my banking or other personal information to a company that won't even identify themselves and hides behind fake caller ID numbers?   I mean, why, if you are a legitimate company, would you resort to such tactics?  Surely this raises "scam" red flags with every normal person they try to call???
+84 74 883313(847) 488-3313 (Elgin, IL)Yes is chase bank credit collector, I dont know why sometimes the # appear like that, but those 2 number called me, so if they call you just answer and say u don't now is calling and why there calling, you can say: I don't give any personal information to unknow number.
Calls from this number start at 7:01 a.m. and have gone to midnight. Anywhere from 1 to 20 calls a day.Glad to find out who it is. When they occasionally left a message, it was always prerecorded, and cut off. So I never heard who it was.These are some of the other NCO numbers that call : 800-448-9570/434-533-9062/571-261-0072. I've also recieved calls with a Virgenia and Nebraska area code, that may be them also. Another sight said they maybe forwarding there calls through U.S. echanges to get the local area codes
Received call from referenced caller. Recognized it as international (+84). Did not bother to answer.
This showed up as "+84 74 883313" on my phone.  I answered and nobody was there.  Chase Bank either has complete morons working for them, or they're the shadiest company in existence.
its a collection agency i know it because they blow my phone up all the time and for the past 2 days this number has been blowing up my phone
How do I make them stop?!
How do I make them stop?!
I've gotten a couple of calls from this # as well. I will not answer, like other posters, if they aren't willing to leave me a voicemail with full details of who they are and what company, as well as why they are calling. It's easy enough to ignore the phone calls. Way too many scams out there today. I'm not risking it.
As a side note: I do not, and never have had a Chase credit card, account, or anything. Nor with anyone they've taken over or consolidated with.  Even more reason for me to never answer from this number if that's who they've identified themselves as!
I got three missed calls today!The number is the same,  comes in like this. +84 74 883313 Looks like an out of the country call!I'm Arab, so idk if they know I have family outside of the us and thier trying to trick me!I never answere, when I call it back, I get a busy signal!I am also late on a chase credit card payment!
THIS IS A SCAM. These people are lying.  I just spoke to Chase ( in a call center in India) and they said ALL collection calls will come from the US. Chase said they DO NOT contract out there collections to other countries.  Country code 84 is Vietnam not India. DO NOT GIVE YOUR INFO OUT. If you are behind call Chase and settle the matter , knowing that your ARE talking to Chase
I have a better idea than not giving your info or not answering the phone.  Answer the phone and play with them for a while so its eating up any profits they are getting from people. Then call the Vietnamese Embassy (202.861.0737) every time you get this call and complain. Thats what im doing starting tomorrow.
Man...Am I relieved I've been getting these calls from +84 74 883313 and was very curious to find out but I wouldn't accept the call Chase Bank makes sense since Im also behind on my credit card. But from INDIA wow...
This is a call from Chase Bank...i was behind on a credit card from WAMU (which is now Chase)...the guy i talked to was pretty cool about the fact that i couldnt pay them now...according to another website, this call originated in Tra Vinh, Vietnam...
i also have been getting this number and it is chase i actualy answerd normaly no one would talk but this time they did
I have been getting calls from this number as well. Over the past two days they have called me three times always at 9:15 Alaska time. I believe this to be a scam DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION
I don't pick up or return calls unless I know the number or the caller properly identifies him/herself properly in a voice message. Somehow, the people behind this number think it's more effective to blow up my phone 3 sets of 3 calls per day. Quite possibly a debt collector, but I will not talk business with any non-American company/person.
Properly** caught the mistake. No need to comment
I receive a number of calls from this number a day, since I do not recognize the number I usually let it go to voice mail (no message). Today I picked up and asked for a mailing address so I could send a letter to the company to stop calling. The man (terrible english) was hesitant to give me even the name of the business he was calling from. He identified the business name as "Loss Mitigation Services Loan Modification Services" he then gave me an address of 9873 15th Ave in Orange CA Ste 16. Since I was at my computer I googled this address and it was a lawnmower service company address... He hung up on me.

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