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I just received a voice mail message similar to the above.  I decided to back trace the number before I tried to call back.  They left a call back number of 949-202-4672.  I have no idea who they are, but they threatened to take me and all my family to court if I don't call back immediately.  Now that I know its a scam, I am definitely reporting it.
I have about 15 messages from this phone number.Like the rest of you, I was threatened to be arrested if I do not appear in court.  The guy identified himself as Christopher Reeve - like the actor.  I laughed. My husband works for the Office of the State's Attorney.  I know the law.  First, no one and I mean NO ONE, can be arrested for not paying their bills.  So put your mind at ease if you have debts.  You will not spend one second behind bars.Second, this is NOT a real company or law firm.  This is a complete scam operation out of God knows where.  Think about it: if someone were suing you, they'd first have to appear before a magistrate in YOUR HOME STATE.  The court would then have to notify you and give you ample opportunity to respond.  These idiots are basically telling people that they are going to show up on your doorstep and drag you to prison.  Nope.  That ain't gonna happen to anyone.  Your best bet is to do what I did.Call your local or state law enforcement, and your state attorney general and report the phone numbers.If they've left you voice messages, SAVE THEM and give them to law enforcement.  Also report the numbers to the FBI, the FTC and the BBB.Above all, protect yourself. Do NOT under ANY circumstances give these jerks one shred of your personal information, no matter what they threaten you with.  They are scammers out to steal your money.  If you gave them credit card or bank information, contact your creditors IMMEDIATELY and close your accounts.
I received the same call as everyone else and they are starting to piss me off. Do we have to take this in to our own hands. They also have other numbers like:714-845-0766(fax), 310-598-2466, 310-598-2203. If you also want to know their names, it is: David Jones or Davey Jones, Jefferey Steward or Jefferey Stewart.
I recieved several calls saying they were going to have me arrested because of some payday loan. They would not say what collection agency they worked for or anything. They had my name,phone number,and ss#.
I've received this voicemails from this supposed firm twice now in as many days; both PRIOR to the hours acceptable udner FTC guidelines to call someone with respect to a debt collection. They also have called under a separate number before this with the same threats (legal action, requriing my lawyer call, etc.). If a debt collector does not reveal they are one, under Rosenthal and federal acts (Rosenthal is the CA version of fair debt collection laws), then they already are scamming or at least violating law.
I too keep getting these harrassing phone calls from some guy with a strong accent, stating I borrowed some money, didnt pay it back and there is a lawsuit against me. I have no idea who these folds are, they have my cell number and my work number.
this Davy Jones guy just barley called me today he had my name, my email, and my social security number and he told me me i had to pay $5000 by this upcoming monday!! his accent was really strong and i told him i coulnt understand him and that i wanted to talk to someone who spoke better English and he refused to pass the phone on to anyone else because everyone else there was busy. so i told him that they could call me back when someone who spoke better english was available. And then he asked if i was american and i told him yes, and he asked if i spoke english and i was like.. obviously, thats what i've been speaking this whole time. and then he told me what an irresoponsible American i am because i couldnt undersatnd him. Then he brought my family members into it and threatened to get me fired from my job and a bunch of other things i couldnt understand, and so i hung up on him, and he's been calling me every two minutes for about an hour now and i'm pissed! bujt its nice to know that this has happened before. how did you all get them to stop calling tho? ugh he's still calling. i have 28 missed calls and four voice mails from them now.
Just reported this number (they have called 2 x in two days...boy am I lucky!) to the FTC.govPlease everyone go there and do the same. This is an insidious scam. I have had a run in with them on different numbers earlier in the year. Same sounding voices man/woman and yes same BORING ridiculous threat of being sent to court and jail for a debt I am not responsible for. Also, for those foreign rejects, there is no such thing as being sent to jail in the USA for a debt.
The caller really needs to stop and growup .. Just like the others I was @ work when this man kept calling saying I owed money to a cash ,loan ..
I received these nasty phone calls today on my cell phone.  The same situation as the above calls right down to them wishing me luck!  On the 4th call from them I had my husband answer the phone in Spanish and that through this guy off a little bit.  The heavy accented guy hung up and then called right back... 6 more times!  I'm going to file a complaint right now also.
I am constantly getting telephone calls from 875-820-6274. I'm fed up with it. I just called the FBI OFFICE in Riverside California, as the number is really 951-616-6885. Area Code 951 is in this FBI Office jursidiction. I'm going after these people. They are going to be sorry they started harassing me. The FBI will get them. No doubt about it.
I also have received the same phone call at 3:40pm on 09/21/2009.  A man with a very thick Indian accent left a message on my cell phone and my husbands cell phone asking for me to call them with my retained attorney's information about a bad debt. They said if I did not call them back that night that I would be very sorry and good luck to me. They left the number (951) 616-6882 for me to return the call.  When I called a person answered the phone that could hardly speak english and there was a lot of background noise.  He said he was Ryan with the Crime Division and that he needed my attorney's information. I stated that I didn't have an attorney and what was this regarding.  He said that a warrant was being placed for my arrest for a payday loan that I didn't pay. Since I didn't have an attorney I could defend myself in court because they were going to have me arrested at my job the next morning.  I kept asking him for more information and he kept placing me on hold. So needless to say I was a little nervous to go into work today. Thank you all for posting this information as it makes me feel much better.  I will be filing a complaint with the IC# shortly.
This happened to me at my work again yesterday... and I recognized the same scam I had gotten before. The first time this happened to me I was all upset and immediately  called my lawyer and she told me that it sounded like a scam to her.  No one can do what they say in this country with threats like they do.. scare tactics.  People in countries like India do this kind of manipulation to scam funds.  If you owe you should receive legal notice via email or by mail.  I know this now from the past, and how upset I was when it first happened.  I will be filing with IC3 today on this latest attempt to receive funds. Thanks to all of you on your comments to remind me to get my identity more secure. This is a boiler room operation, I guess they have to find someway to make money in India.
I received a call first on my cell phone from this number, then on my home phone, which I never use for business, like credit cards and such.  The guy on my cell phone spoke with such a thick Indian accent, I could hardly understand him...I did understand that they needed my lawyer's information and that they were processing a claim against me in my state for Cashnet.  The message on my home phone was from a Paul Angelo who told me to call immediately and reference a file number about an issue that occurred online.  I called him from my cell and he gave me my email address, which was correct, and stated that it was a credit that went into a bank account in 2008 at a bank that I have never had an account with.  He then read off the last four digits of the social he had, which did not match mine.  He apologized stating that he must have the wrong person and hung up....the calls were eerily similar to those noted above..and note that they all occurred within days of each other.  I do plan to file a complaint with the FTC about this.
I agree with everything above. These people are persistant. I am thankful that you all reported so I feel better
i received a call just like the two before me.  stating i borrowed $350 in november 2008 and was directed to the same people and phone numbers.  they said if i didnt pay by tommorow morning me and my family would be arrested.  they couldnt speak very good english and it was hard to understand them.  i am filing a complaint with the ic3 right now
We have received harrassing phone calls from the number for the last hour.  It is an EXTREMELY fraudulent operation.  Do NOT answer the call or speak to them.  Just keep hanging up repeatedly and eventually they will stop calling.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize that and the man with the thick accent cursed at us repeatedly and kept hanging up when we tried to transfer him.  Please file an IC3 incident immediately if this happens to you.  This must be in another country, 875 is not a US area code.
3:15pm i got a missed call and voicemail from 875-820-6274. they threatened that if i or my LAWYER did not call them back that i would goto jail and that they wish me luck. i don't give out my number to companies so this is awkward! i am filing a complaint with ic3 now!
at 4:30pm pst 09/16/09 I recieved a phone call from 875-820-6274.The woman Samantha told me that I had gotten a $1600.00 loan back in 2008. She said if I didn't pay 1900.90. That I would go to jail. That the police were going to be at my door in the morning to arrest me and take me to jail for bank fraud,bad checks,and recieving funds with intent not to pay.Then a guy by the name of Davey took the Phone, They didn't speak very good english. This is really scary that these people have information about me that is suppose to be private.I asked for a Call Back Number and was givin 951-616-6884.I also would not give them any Information,To my amazement they had my Bank name,My E-mail,I don't know if they had my Bank account number they Hung up.
At 11:04 on 9/16/09 I received a phone call at my office from 875-820-6274. When I answered I was immediately aware of an unusual amount of background noise from the caller. I asked who was speaking, and the caller kept asking for me to verify my name. The man had a thick accent, possibly Indian, and pronounced my name incredibly wrong, so I immediately knew it wasn't anyone I did business with. I asked who he represented and his name, he said his name was Davy Jones, and he was a Lawyer with Law Firm for Cashnet. He said I owed 1095.00 and unless I paid it today he would sent police to arrest me at my work and extradite me to California for my trial, which was being held in the morning on 9/17/09. I asked what court this trial was in and he was unable to tell me. I kept probing him for information and was placed on hold, usually a tactic to get people to hang up, but he came back on and continued saying he was going to have me arrested if I didn't pay, and if I continued being difficult he would go after my relatives. I asked him what the call was in reference to and what the business was, he repeated the same information, this time asking if I knew a Barbara **** and a Chris *****. I asked how he knew who they were, not disclosing they were my mother and ex, and he said he would have them arrested too. I asked for a number to call back at, and he gave me 951-616-6884. I told him I would not give any information because I have never done business with his company and that I was ending the phone call, he continued to threaten me saying he was getting a warrant for my arrest and I was going to be arrested soon. I ended the call.  I contact my local police department, which forwarded me to the attorney general, and then I was advised to contact my local Secret Service office, and I know that sounds extreme but they were VERY helpful.  ****THE SECRET SERVICE ADVISES YOU GO TO WWW.IC3.GOV AND FILE A COMPLAINT****

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