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I received several  calls from 877-519-6039 today. They left a message on our machine and I returned the call to have them remove my number from their calling list. Whether they are a Collection agency or not they do not have the right to harass you. the first person I spoke with wanted me to verify my SS #, I refused. The lady would not give any Info without me giving personal info.I told her Do Not Call again. Then this evening they called again, asked for me and I said yes, they said once again I needed to verify my SS# , and wanted me to repeat it to them.I refused as the person was getting rude with me.I ended the call. After I thought about it it really upset me, so I called them back to speak with a manager, of course they asked if i was me, I have a private number, how can that be? Again the SS# came up again and I refused, the gentleman on the phone would not let me speak to a manager and told me I owed a debt, when I asked who I owed he would not tell me without me giving my SS#. So I told him not to call again if he could not give me any information, He told me they will call me everyday. Any legit company will give you any and all information you request. I will report this company to every agency I can. I have worked Telemarketing for over 20 years and what they are doing is wrong and illegal.
Recording wanting someone to call this number.
I just received 2 calls from these folks - one on my cell and the other on my home phone (same number) - less than 5 minutes apart.  When I answered my cell, the line cut off.  When I answered my home phone they identified themselves. I hung up and immediately Googled them and wasn't surprised to find these complaints.  I was harrassed about 3 months ago by another company like this for a debt I did not owe,  They even went so far as to call some of my friends and family! When I've had financial issues in the past, collection companies contacted me by mail first and identified the debt they were handling, before making the calls.
I received the same call from Kevin Schwartz several times in the last few days.  The recording (it was an autodial call) sounds important, but upon calling in, they were unwilling to patch me through to them.  There were attempting to speak to the owner of this phone number prior to me (this is a new phone number for me as of 2 months ago).  Upon inquiring about what they do, the operator stammered repeatedly and refused to divulge anything of substance.  His exact quote was, "We are Imperial Recovery Partners out of Overland Park, KS."  I asked what the nature of their business was and he replied, "Depending on who we work for, we do different things."  Repeated inquiries were answered with the same response.  Not so helpful.  The vague responses only build suspicion in my mind.  Beware.
I found this posted elswhere.I received the same message from Kevin Schwartz. A little sleuthing found that MARK A MCANINCH is the owner apparently living at: 13980 CORTEZ CT APT T, BROOMFIELD CO 80020-6016It looks like he has set up companies in all the states. Maybe Mr. Mcaninch needs some calls bothering him during the day. The president of the company appears to be Gerald D. Bullard, who may be here:D142 County Rd 544 Granby CO 80446970-887-1849Judith E. Bullard is also involved. Gladiola Cir, Arvada, CO
A "Kevin Schwartz" left a fuzzy and vague message about proprietary information, etc.  I called back, and the operator identified Imperial Recovery Partners, but would not put me through unless I gave her my phone number. When I said I believed the call was "spammed", she hung up ...I have no idea who this company is, I am on a Do Not Call list, ...
I got a call from this number this morning. They didn't leave a detailed message other than using a lot of 'jargon' such as "you need to call back immediately, I will be in the office until 5pm CST, i cannot divulge the details of this call  because of the nature of the proprietary matter" bla bla bla. The person's name was Kevin. I suspect it is a phishing scam, or a debt recovery place after reading the messages above. The thing is, I am new to the US, and have NO credit history whatsoever!!! So there is no way on earth I have any debts. In fact I know I don't. I put in an official complaint with the BBB and hope this just goes away!
Let me guess, the person "William A." with the post titled 'Read Please' works for this company. Why on earth would anyone put a real name, and be the only person on this forum who says nice things about this company. Please. Go away and stop scamming us! Get a life! We are not stupid!
ive also been applying for jobs and got a call no message
If they are in KS they are not in a 'two party consent' state and if you live in a state that is also not a 'two party consent' state then you should be able to record them without their permission when they call. (I am not an attorney.)see for more info
received a call from this number, the person calling hung up when I answered
Person calls every day, and hangs up when I answer.
I am also receiving calls from 1-877-519-6039 though I have never heard of their business and live several states distant from the business mentioned in Mishy's posting. The caller never calls me by name. I suspect they are calling blind off a list.
IMPERIAL RECOVERY PARTNERS LLC8665 West 96Th Street Ste 100Overland Park, KS  66212
I spoke with this company today and they were very professional and helped me out alot, I am unaware why you guys keep posting negitive inquires about this company.  All I have to say is they are great and I wish all of my matters were handeled through them.   William A
received a message stating that there was an important legal matter to discuss, that information & misinformation needed to be sorted out, and to contact 'terry’. when I returned the call I was treat EXTREMELY rudely. I refused to confirm their information until i knew the nature of their call & this got me personal insults and hung up on. i called back asking to speak with a manager before i would confirm my info. I was put on hold then hung up on. The third call back got me more insults & hung up on. I was told that i was being evasive and If I took care of my business i wouldn't get these calls I was also told that i did not have a real complaint and the manager didnt pick up phone calls for that kind of stuff... I was calm & polite towards them all. Seems like it could be a scam but not positive. if it is a legit company who do i call/write to make a formal complaint? no one deserves this treatment regardless of their situation. NOT an acceptable way of conducting business.
wow how fitting a bunch of lowlife scumbags trying to find a bunch of lowlife scumbags (and some people who have just fallen on hard times but no doubt they are the minority) there should be a law againt this type of harrasment of innocent people. you can be sure if they call me again i have a long list of places i will file complaints with like FCC, BBB, ACA just to name a few. so do your self a favor and start filing compaints and you will see how fast the harrassment stops.
Did not answer.
They called my phone number 4 times today...and 4 times I told them off. They tell me they are Imperial Recovery in Overland Park, KS. Supposedly, my fiance called them in September to try to do like a debt consolidation to lower his debt to the IRS. My fiance decided not to use their resources after speaking with them...but they keep calling. One more call and I will flip my lid. Mr Houston at this number wouldnt even tell me the company name, the 2nd guy was nice and said they wouldnt call anymore that they did it in error. The 3rd guy was calling while I was on the phone with the 2nd guy and just now I spoke with the 4th person and told them DO NOT CALL my phone number again (amongst other things). Well, thats my story.
unknown number. wish they would stop calling.

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