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Reverse Phone Check:

This is orange.  Will want money off you
got a text message from 88188 do not recognize it at all and sounded personal.
where's that came from ?
Could you tell me from where is the call?
two calls in a couple of days on answering machine with no one talking just background noise, what the ?
On 10 Nov 2009. Tony had already said that  "They're from The Modern Group (roller blinds etc) - call their 13 number (see they're website) - I did and they said they'd take me off their Do Not Call list"I was one of their customers before but never again.
I got the call asking who all are at home and it looked like something was being planned.
Called OPTUS and they could not find any details of this number. Seems Optus is a bigger Retards than I thought.
Wait till you speak to Telstra you'll know who the biggest Retard is. The suckers wont even acknowledge this number exists.
5/01/2010 @ 10:39AM, i have the same problem this number 88182377 called  and they said stuff (Chinese cuisine was on fire), then they hanged up. i called it and no one answer.
got a missed call and when i tried to return call, got a weird ringing tone but no one picks up.
call from this number, calls at night and i keep missing it. when i call back no answer.
They called me from same number 88182377 and I could not answer the phone.When called back, strange sound not answer...
They're from The Modern Group (roller blinds etc) - call their 13 number (see they're website) - I did and they said they'd take me off their Do Not Call list.
i got a call from this number, asking me about my electricty at my home. Stated my address and my name and asked if i was the home owner. Im 17, live with parents.
Thank you for all the comments.  I would have rung the number back if it wasn't for your input.
Yes why do they keep calling ?I missed it about 3 times and when i finally picked up, they said their from modern group and they asked if my parents were home ?
yes i keep missing calls to..found out it is the modern group they sell roller shutter etc...
same.. called everyday for 4 days now sometimes twice. todays date is 28/10/09
Me too, received them on my work phone and no answer if I call back.Anyone know who it is?Missed calls at:15-10-09, 2:39pm17-10-09, 10:30am (Saturday)23-10-09, 10:42am

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