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Dont know why  I recieved this call at 8;55 at night.
I get a call from them once a day and they never leave a message or talk to me if I answer.  The message they leave is classical music.
They have been calling me for weeks. An option was given to say I was not the person they were calling. I took that option, but then they called again today.  Left a long message on my answering machine that indicated if I didn't say I was not the person I was acknowledging that I was the person.  They left this number.  I called it and spoke with a person who again asked me if I was that person.  I said no, he said well I guess they had this number before.  I've had my number for 16 years so I doubt that!!!
Got the same call. Twice yesterday and once today. The first time there was a message with classical music.
Got a call and the message was just silence
Calls several times and offers free money incentives with 0 investment costs. We signed up and only receive partial returns, but its better than nothing! Highly recommended.
It IS illegal within Canada to send advertisement faxes as per the Telecom Decision CRTC 2004-35.  Central State Travel/Travel 1 IS breaking Canadian Laws by not complying with the following:- "The fax must identify the person or organization on behalf of whom the fax is being sent, INCLUDING THE TELEPHONE, FAX NUMBER AND NAME AND ADDRESS OF A RESPONSIBLE PERSON TO WHOME THE CALLED PARTY CAN WRITE. This rule ALSO applies to professional calling organizations sending unsolicited fax calls on behalf of another organization."- "FAXES CANNOT BE SENT TO EMERGENCY LINES OR HEALTHCARE FACILITIES."- "SENDER MUST MAINTAIN A DO NOT CALL LIST AND RESPECT THE LIST FOR 3 YEARS."- "NAMES AND NUMBERS MUST BE ENTERED ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST WITHIN 7 DAYS OF A REQUEST."- "THE SENDER MUST GIVE A UNIQUE REGISTRATION NUMBER FOR CONFIRMATION PURPOSES TO ALL PERSONS WHO REQUEST TO BE ADDED TO THE DO NOT CALL LIST."- "Sending hours restricted to weekdays between 9 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. and weekends between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. HOURS REFER TO TIME ZONE OF THE CALLED PARTY."Our Healthcare Facility requested to be removed from all further fax mailings on April 6, 2010 (through a live representative, who provided confirmation # T5624), as well as on August 11, 2010 (through Lisa, a live representative who stated that she could not provide a confirmation number).  We attempted to again remove our facility from further mailings today (October 7, 2010).  We requested information on why our facility was still receiving faxes, despite twice registering with their 'do not call' list, and we additionally referred to the fact that contacting a Healthcare Facilities with phone/fax advertisements is illegal.  The live female agent in Corporate Sales (INACCURATELY) stated that it is not illegal, and refused to respond to why our facility was still receiving fax advertisements.  We then  requested Central Travel/Travel 1's fax number to forward the company the Telecom Decision CRTC 2004-35 Rules which state Canadian law on these issues.  The agent's response was "goodbye", and she disconnected the line.TO NOTE: "TELEPHONE SERVICE TO ALL LINES USED IN CONNECTION WITH FAXES THAT CONTRAVENE THESE RULES MAY BE SUSPENDED OR TERMINATED TWO BUSINESS DAYS AFTER NOTICE FROM THE TELEPHONE COMPANY"
I have received 2 calls in the same day telling me of a setlement for a debt - I don't have any such action pending
I originally got a text on my Nokia X6 stating that 'My 191, vodafones free self service helpline would shortly be installed on my phone' at the start of September. After 5 txts all the same i rang vodafone and they said they would stop them.  7 calls to vodafone and 34 of this text later and its still not resolved! i discovered that my fone (like many other of your fones) is sending out that random sms on startup. i managed to capture it one day b4 it managed to send and i sent it to my draft folder. when i googled the 888.... number i found this blog and many others and it seems vodafone know all about it why dont they let on to us the customer and admit there is a problem? they are sending me a new sim coz mine is over 6 years old but i bet that doesnt stop it!
this has appeared on my phone today. how do i do a factory reset. cant text out or recieve.
Received a text this morning from this number, didn't open the link as it looked dodgy...
Hey,Same problem - i dont know if i got it when i accessed free wireless services from a local shop, because thats the only thing i have done differently!  Has anyone else accessed free wireless internet from a public space and then had this problem, or is that just my coincidence?
I only noticed text being sent to this number when I requested my phone to be incoming only, as my bill shot up from on average £30.00 a month to getting a £155.00 one.  Found out that this number has been texted every day for a month at the cost of £1.50 a time. Thetnext is sent at the same time every evening.  Vodafone will take no responsiblity for this and say I  have to pay for these texts.  Does anyone know if this comes under fraud, in whch case I might be able to claim on my insurance.  I also noticed that when I went to view my bill online on the Vodafone website, when  I typed in my phone number in to log on, I had a return message saying 'this is not a uk mobile number' and was unable to access my account.  Anyone else had this problem.By the way, still waiting for hardcopy of my bill from Vodafone - six days so far!!
I made a complaint to the BBB about Central State Travel and their spamming fax ads at my work, and JAY HAMMOND responded by telling the BBB that I sexually abused his female agent and was harrassing them!!!CAN U BELIEVE IT!!!   This is the type of person Jay hammond is. This guy called me every name in the book over the phone when I demanded to be taken off his list. This type of scum needs to be shut-down!!
Toll Free Number: 1-800-592-2140, Re: Fax Spam / Promotional Travel DealsDestinations: usually Orlando Florida, Daytona Beach, Ft Lauderdale, with a Bahamas Cruise included. Price:$299 (has been consistent since 2007). Travel Company Name (As of march 2009)- "Corporate Travel Center"Previous Company Name - "Sunstar Travel and Tours Inc."BBB News on this company: ... gs-fl-142218234Reason for problems in Florida and Indiana:- large number of Unsolicited Spam Faxes. Company operates illegally and against State codes against questionable business practices. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Decision: The internet is full of COMPLAINTS about Sunstar Travel and Tours Inc. and now "Central State Travel".DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES deal with this company. They are unscrupulous and, if your voice complaints, will be SWORN AT, degraded and berated.There is a reason you cannot find a phone number or a fax number for these FRAUD ARTISTS ....JAY HAMMOND IS A LIAR and all of his comments are completely false. Why do you think they no longer run under the Sunstar name ?I have tried REPEATEDLY to be removed from their database and they keep my number and do not remove fax numbers.See also : ... wide range of complaints
Several calls from this number.
I have checked with local authorities and I am sorry to tell you (if you were fooled into giving them your credit card number) that I was told that this company is nothing more than a scam. This old saying comes to mind: "If it sounds too good to be true... It probably is!" Here's a FAQ from an excellent article on fax scams from the following website: [url[/url]"Q5. Are any of these offers legitimate?A: Virtually all are scams. Any legitimate company would be sued out existence if they advertised by fax. Our advice: why take the risk? There are plenty of other "great deals" from legitimate companies available."I find it kind of strange that Jay Hammond doesn't include his company's customer service/complaints phone number or address along with his signature at the end of his reply. This "company" also seems to change their phone number every time I receive one of their faxes (that should be your first clue). Give them a call (block your number first so they can't identify who you are) and you'll see how rude and uncooperative they can be when you kindly ask to have your number removed from their fax list (done so 6 times myself and continue to get these unwanted faxes from them).I also find it kind of funny that a lawyer that is attempting to defend their reputation wouldn't use correct spelling or capitalization in his personal response/defense of this company - Hmmmm.......
I just received a call from this number after registering for a contest to see JImmy Buffett in Vegas.  I should have know better, it was a contest on facebook.  They got you as soon as you enter your number.  I didn't even finish the registration for the contest.  I had that feeling it was a scam
To sum up that rant:No, we will keep on sending unsolicited faxes until you ask us very politely indeed to stop.   We are right.   The rest of the world is wrong.Once upon a time a mother went to see her son at an army parade.     Johnnie could not get in step with the rest.  "Oh look, "  said mommy " they are all out of step but my Johnnie".
The same thing has happened to my phone. It started to appear a couple of days ago, thought nothing of it and by now I've deleted it about 10 times and I have realised that once you delete it, it does not reappear until you switch off and back on the phone. However, thankfully my phone didn't send or receive texts and so the message can't be sent. It just stays in my outbox thankfully and I have saved it to drafts before. The actual message is really weird. I have not been called but my phone has been trying to send the message to the number.

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