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This same "Indian Guy" JUST called my phone.  He "claimed" he was calling me from Telus and wanted to give me the LG Shine for a GREAT  WHAT A SCAM! I laughed so hard and hung up.  Are people that DUMB to believe this??
Just got a call at 12:10pm EST, did not answer and no voicemail on Telus phone.
This is a scam, I was immediately suspicious.Indian accent, claimed his name was "Alister".  Said he was calling on behalf of Telus mobility offering me a free Samsung phone and then started asking for my personal info such as the name on the contract, etc. (Info he would already have if he were in fact from Telus).He hung up after he realized I wasn't going to give him any info.
They called me too, claiming to be Bell with the thick accent and noisy phone. I actually messed around with them a bit, asking how they selected me and how many phones they were giving away but they couldn't give me any answers. They actually transfered me to their 'manager' and he hung up after I asked him what my name was. Pretty funny stuff.
Got call from this number and I was suspicious.  Thanks for the important info online.
Just got a call on my telus phone. Did not pickup and the number called again. Thanks for the info on this website
Just received a phone call from 1-891-889-0001 at January 6 2008 at 9:09 am. He said he was calling from air canada and asked me how many cell phones I got. He has a very strong accent. he refused to tell me which city he was calling me from.
Got a call on my Telus cell phone - very static - caller disconnected - called back - no message.
this number called during the afternoon... i answered and a man with an indian accent (who sounded VERY far away and VERY crackly like it was a bad connection) claimed he was calling from telus... i was busy so i hung up on him. the number immediately called back but i didnt answer and he left no message. thanks for telling us this is a confirmed scam.
Just called my telus blackberry and didn't leave a message. Thanks to google for finding this website! Hah!
This number (891-881-0001) HAS BEEN CONFIRMED as one of the numbers of a scamer/telemarketer by Bell Mobility Canada. I have talked with their corporate security team and they are aware of 60 or so numbers that are randomly used for the one call to cull a persons personal information. DO NOT give them any information. Try to get a name and/or some information that may identify who they are or who they are with and report it to Bell Mobility Canada by dialing 611 from your Bell cellular phone and then hit '0' ('0' again for some) then '5'. At the end of the call ask to be placed on the "do not call list" but beware the person may tell you to do something obscene. This HAS been verified officially by Bell Mobility Canada and IS being looked into.To contact Bell Mobility Canada:From a Bell phone: 611 (no charge)Canada: 1-800-667-0123United States: 1 800 667-ROAM (7626)Outside of North America: +1 514 420-7748Help in Cantonese or Mandarin:From a Bell phone: #838 (no charge)Canada: 1-888-884-8333Hours of operation (Local GMT -7 MDT)Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Called again - 2 hours later.  Some gent with an India-n accent, offering a free cell phone.
Called, but no message.
I work for bell mobility too and i recently got a lot of calls from customers claiming to get calls from that number.. i had a question for Eileen... I wanted to know what position you are in bell mobility and if your information is based on some actual facts. I want to give a proper answer to the customers that contact me for that information and i asked my manager and he was not aware... Like how do we know that its really not Bell.. I mean i understand that its suspicious but do we have a real proof that its fake.. and do you know Elieen if Bell is doing something to stop them?? Thank you
I work for Bell Mobility, and we have been looking into this as it has been a concern for quite a while now.  We can only trace the numbers as far as the Telus Website where we found a list.  There are approx 50 or 60 (891) numbers, and they are all claiming to be from Bell, they are not.  It is very important that you DO NOT give them ANY information, ask first for their employee numbner and name, before they have a chance to ask you for anything.
This is infact not from Bell Mobility, they only claim to be. They are looking for info.
Its a telemarketing for bell canada trying to sell a "free" samsung phone, based in india its a dude named "Michael Smith" funny, claims to be from calgary but the phone number is from canada
he or she called me today...... who is it?
Called left no message
Call from 891 889-0001

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