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I had a missed call on my mobile from 03 90385700 just now.  It is probably my virgin credit card (ie Westpac) about my late payment. I have no other debts or late payments so I think that must be it.  Tried calling back but it's engaged. too kids. Today was my first day. 2 calls in, looks like I'm headed for more. Yipee.
03 90385700 is a call centre for a debt recovering company.
This call is from CITIBANK - the guys who have LOST BILLIONS of dollars of other peoples money (i.e. including yours) while stealing (i.e. paying themselves) obscene amounts of it.  Having already stolen billions more of your money from government (i.e. "bailouts") they are trying to hoover up MORE to avoid going bust by getting it from you directly.  THEY WILL NEVER STOP ... if they go bust ... then they'll just do it under a different name.
For the last few days I have CONSTANTLY had missed calls from this number.  They don't leave a message but just call and call and etc.  If you try to dial back you get an engaged signal.They've a call centre for a whole host of companies: My call was regarding a westpac card but the operator mentioned a number of other companies they also call on behalf of.
Same thing. Has called my mobile and when I call back it's constantly engaged
I had this happen yesterday afternoon and last week. I just tried to call back and it was engaged.
Same as everyone else. It's really frustrating. I've had a few calls from this number today. Not impressed.
I tried calling them back but they are engaged all the time.
Do you have a westpac credit card that is overdue? I had the same issue with this number, caught it and answered it just now and it was westpac cards.
Ambulance renewals call centre...
I had the same call just now and it was engaged when I called back, have no idea who or why....
I have had this number call me often the past few days also - when I try to call it back, it is engaged. Does anyone know what it is?
I just got this call too, I answered and it hung up on me.It may be ambulance, as I do need to renew shortly.
This is the ambulance calling for renewal of old memberships
I just had this same phantom call from (03) 9038 5700 only 10 minutes ago.
same here
Same as everyone else. This number calls me several time per day and when i call it back its engaged. Who is it and what do they want?
This number calls me at least 3 times every day at all hours and if picked up there is no one there.  If you call it back it is an engaged number.  This has been occurring for two weeks now.
This number has called me consistently for the past 5 days and does not leave a message.  Would like to know who it is.

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