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Reverse Phone Check:

This 'automated telemarketer' out of Jacksonville, FL. These automated machines wait for you say 'hello' as soon as you do ~ you are switched to an agent. You may report them to the Florida Department of Agriculture ~ Department of Consumer Affairs.Who handles such matters with in the state of Florida.Two things: One, for $10.00 a year, you may register you phone number with the Department and if you receive another phone call, the State of Florida will sue them and attempt revoke their Florida business license. The $10.00 goes into a fund used for that purpose. Check it out on the web.Second; If your phone is so equipped; Save the called number to your phone's memory. Then assign a special 'ring tone''  to them. My last two phones had a 'NO RING' selection which ment that the phones does not ring when it sees that number.
Who are these people?
YMax Comm Corp shows on caller i.d.  Did not leave message.
just got it too, but didn't answer
called this number back after they called our cell and a recording came on that this number is disconnected but they just called.
Coincidentally, the same area code as a chick that broke my heart.  W.E!!!
Pre-recorded message in Spanish
its not the first
I'm in Mississippi and just got it!
They just called me on my company cell phone here in St. Louis.  Recording was in Spanish so I have no idea what they were saying.  I put the # on my call reject list.
Just got the same spanish call on my cell phone in Seattle.  I hung up immediately.
Just got a call from this number but didn't answer it
i just got it on my cell phone in arkansas, and i am on that govt do not call list
I've been getting phone messages from 901-4201-8989. It seems like a scam for me because it is automated in Spanish. I don't want to get solicitations call on my company phone.
I just got a call from this number.  Spanish speaker.  I'm in WA state
im in north carolina and just recieved it..
Who is this from?
Who is the lady who is speaking Spanish?
Same thing.

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