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who called me
Ditto! Why are they calling us? We're in Saskatchewan. They called today (Jan 14, 2011), but we were out - registered to Future Steel Buildings. We've never even heard of them, let alone done any business with them, or even contacted them!
LOL....These people are ridiculous!I just off the phone with the Senior manager, "Daniel" from "Premium Incorporate"..The guy had an accent, sounded indian.....he also sounded like he was talking through a tin can(if that makes any sense). These people have been calling me for a few months(7 or 8 calls)...... Each time they claimed that I filled out a ballot at a mall between Dec 10th and 24th of last year... I 'politely' told them that I did NOT fill out a ballot because I WOULD NEVER DO THAT just to avoid crap like this... and also the fact that I was in the hospital during that time mending from a major surgery... then he said that a family member 'must' have filled it out then..BULL CRAP!!...if one of family member did that, they would KNOW that my common-law spouse and I DO NOT share a last name and they would have wrote MY name......D'uh.I actually talked to two people today, the initial caller was female with a slight accent, then she handed the phone to "Daniel", the senior manager... QUESTION: How many Senior Managers does this company have? By the looks of previous posts....quite a few....I think it's CRAP!.....with a capital C....
Same thing... The guy said his name was Sean (had a heavy Indian accent, though - first clue) said we won in a contest based on a coupon we filled at Canadian Tire. Wifey called CT and they said this phone is not listed with them, I researched it and that's how I got to this site. It's all a scam.
Just got off the phone with "Kevin".  I let him do his spiel and then told him I wasn't interested.  He wouldn't stop talking, so I had to hand up -- he actually called back, and demanded to know why I hung-up!  We had quite a lengthy debate about the value of this promotion and what was in it for his company. I've asked him to send me a copy of the "coupon" I filled out with the prizing and contact info in the mail.  I am not expecting anything in return. :-)
My girlfriend and I each got a call within 10 minutes of eachother on our cell phones... She doesn't have airmiles so she hung up and I didn't bother answering... This site is great!
Yep, just got the call. 100,000 airmile points, pressed 1 and idiot boy came on the line asking if I was over 25. I asked him who he was and he hung up.
Got the call at 12:40 pm on my cell making the 100,000 air mile claim.  I played along just to see what they would say.  Are you 25?  Yes.  Do you carry a valid credit card number? I laughed and said nice try buddy.  I hope they call again, just to see how long I can keep them on thinking that they are actually duping me.
Got this one yesterday afternoon. 50,000 air miles points. Sounds nice, except that we don't have an air miles card. And this sounded exactly like a call that I'd gotten about a month ago, saying that I'm a "preferred WestJet customer" who will "receive a special gift." (I'm not a WestJet customer either, preferred or otherwise.)In both cases I hung up, didn't find this site until this morning when I started researching it.
Same thing here, air miles deal, prompted to press 1.  I hung up
you have won 100,000 air miles, press 1 to accept
Just got such a call. Apparently from Air miles reward program. Asked me to press 1, then the lady who pick up the phone ask me if I was more than 25 years of age. I told her she should know that (they have that on file, right?!).FRAUD !
I just got a call. It only rang once and I didn't pick up. I'm so glad for this site!
I have a missed call from this number, and can't trace it on, I tried calling them back and got a message saying that the number wasn't valid.
Received call from same number with the same air miles spiel; hung up.
Checked number and says it is used by Optel Communications Corp.  Found email address for that might work for Optel... peaceyn@optel.caI sent complaint but not sure if it will help.
Just got a call saying I won 100,00 air miles. Asked if I was 25 or older and if I had a valid credit card, they then transferd me to cancun something or other asked my name and we were disconnected. What is this all about?
Just got the same call, same message, and same broken english question about my age. I hung up when they brought their token anglo to the phone to sell me the sales pitchScam
Same deal: "You've won 100,000 Air Miles, Press 1"... "Wait for an operator" ... Waited... Someone with an accent asks if I am over 25. etc. When I tell them I will not divulge personal information until they identify themselves, they hung up.
Called on my cell phone with Air Miles offer.  I asked how they got my name and they said it was because I was on the list of customers.I told her flat out the list was a fraud since I don't not subscribe to Air Miles and I am on the do not call list in Canada AND the US.  I told her I was lodging a complaint with the CRTC and the Better Business Bureau.Never had someone hang up so fast...

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