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this caller keeps calling me all the time and says nothing when i call back they are not accepting calls stop calling me .,
I got a call from this number too.  I just activated my cellphone yesterday so I know who I gave my number to and who I haven't.  I have not given out my number to anyone other than family and friends.  If they call again, I will report them and start an investigation.
got a prerecorded message saying something about lower interest rates...bottom feeders who will burn in hell
This company is a scam.  They tell you they are Visa/Mastercard Services and will reduce your interest rate to 6% (if you qualify) on your outstanding credit card debt.  They also said they were with NPC (National Processing Center).They have some sort of data base because if you give them the last four of your social they can pull your complete name and address right up.  They also have "boiler room" marketing noise in the background to make them seem more "true".They will try to solicit your card numbers and your exp date.  HANG UPDO NOT TALK TO THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE A SCAM!I called the FTC and also my State Attorney General.  If you get these calls REPORT THEM!  HELP TO STOP THEM!
May 4, 2010  1:20 PM   I missed a call from this number, called it back and said this caller was not taking messages. They then called me back to offer some kind of credit card interest rate deal, even though I do not even have a credit card at this time.
Got a Recorded message saying I could lower my interest rate, pushed the "talk to someone" button and was informed "no one is available, Goodbye" and the line went dead
April 30, 2010. 908-623-7424. Rachel from Credit Card Services. If you are interested in lowering your interest rate to as low as 6.99% press 9. I pressed 9, it rang, someone picked up and then hung up immediately. I did not get the chance to ask them to remove my name from their calling list. She also said this is my last notice. Yeah right.
I've gotten calls from this firm "Credit Card Services".  When I ask them to identify what account they are claiming to lower my interest rate for, they don't get it right (though they seem to have some information on me).   They will not provide an address, the state in which they are incorporated, a web site that identifies them with my bank ... nothing.   I think this is a scam, be very careful and call your bank if they tricked you into divulging personal information.
I also got the call from "Rachle"... and did not go further coz I thought it to be suspicious... I have got call from this number many times... I am dafenately sure, it's a Scam
Just got called by this number and they left a voice mail saying "I'm alive."
I got a call from this number and when I answer they dont say anything. I called back and it wont take calls. this must be a scam. Look out everyone.
Got called from this number. Did not leave message on voice mail.
Got a call from this number.  It was "Rachel" from "Credit Card Services".  I immediately hung up and blocked the number through my digital phone service.  Blocking individual numbers works well.  We have been pestered by several numbers that never leave a message, so they have been blocked.
got the same call and they dont leave a message and when you call it back they dont answer it is a bumpy noise like they messed up their machine and then it says sender cant receive messages at this time
Got a call from this number.  When i called back, "this caller is not taking messages at this time". I wonder why?
Called my law firm -I returned the call - assistant said he was on the other line.  He told me that Mr. Drury is with Paulson & Company.
Same thing here in Northern CA.  Thanks for the posts -- won't be calling him back.
Just got a call from "John Drury", tried to be very vague, believe he has called our office a few times over the last year, when asked, he said he was from "Paulson" and it was a personal matter with our president.  He left his number 908-277-6360 and that was it.  Agree with comments below!
I also received a message from John Drury on my voicemail.  I am a lawyer in Boston.  His message implied that I had already spoken with him..   I am not going to return his call..
John Drury just called for my boss...I asked him several times what it was regarding and he said that my boss knows him. He told me he was from a company called Polston. Must be another cold caller.

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