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He left a message and told me to call him at 909-282-0256 but with no other information! So I goggled his number and I found you guys! Thanks for not wasting my time with this bottom feeder!!!!!!!!!!!!
He left a message and told me to call him at 909-282-0256 but with no other information! So I googled his number and I found you guys! Thanks for all of your posts. I am glad I did not waste my time with this bottom feeder!!! Does anyone know how we can report it to Career Builder? That is what we need to do! Let me know!
OMG...I got a call today from 909-630-6413. Same thing about Career Builders finder etc.  Asking me if I was interested in a change of Career Opportunity. He continuously stated how he was very impressed with my resume and background, however, he (Gary) did not indicate what company he was with nor the position he wanted to interview me for. Just kept giving me the same time available at 1pm throughout the week. I finally got an answer of which position, however, I believe he just reflected at my resume told me what "He Thought" I wanted to hear. Something didn't sit right with me, so I followed by gut instinct and googled the address. In that search I found the above reportings.Thanks to EVERYONE for taking the time to display there scenarios.
Also, the same address of 14275 Pipeline Avenue, Chino CA 91710. The interview appointment time request was 1:00pm (just like mwk above)
I received a call today from Olga asking me to come for an interview.  At first I was interested but once she said to come in at 7:00 p.m. I found it a little strange.  She gave me the address of 14275 Pipeline Avenue, which I am familiar with the area.  I decided to research the Aegon company that is a very large company to work for, same line as mentioned above, quote from Forbes.  Sure glad I found this website.....I just called and cancelled my appointment.  Now, I'm wondering if the information that I posted on Career Builders is a safe site, and/or is it being sold to other companies.
Sounds like this guy is a little on the shady side. I got a call with the same stuff that everyone else is saying, no company, not real clear, no explanation.First off  id o not answer my cell phone if I do not know the number. Listen to message then hit delete, best way to handle it
This guy left me a voice mail without a company name. I couldn't even make out his name until I read these posts. Now that I realize where he is from and he is trying to do, I don't need to call him back. I already have a friend that works for World Financial Group and definitely know that I am not interested.
I got a call today as well and like I do before all my interviews I research the company and found this blog the number has been changed or maybe its more than one person doing this 9092340121 and he did say he was from Aegon even add that its one of the 48 largest company to work for according to Forbes. Im just glad I came across to this and not wasted anymore time,thanks.
Well, it looks like they have changed the number to 909-223-7825 because I just got the call for an interview.I asked the name of the company that I would be interviewing with and he quickly stated "Aegon, but we'll tell you more when you get here".Thanks to all on this board I won't be wasting my time on this one.
I got a call last night 5-7-09 at around 7:00ish.  I asked him to tell me what kind of a job it was and he ignored me and told me to answer his question.  I then forced the "is this a sales job" he did not answer that either.  No company but an address of 14275 Pipeline Ave., Chino, CA 91710.  He said since I did not have a job my schedule must be open and set a meeting for 1PM today.  I will call and cancel.  Yes, creapy.  I am a CFO level finance guy. The address through the internet says Hazelrigg Risk Management Service but I can not fine out what that really means but sounds like insurance sales to me. Thank you everyone for your help with this.  mwk
Same a-hole called me. Glad I looked into it and found this. I hate that kind of crap.
Weird,I got the call today.I called the the number he left me, 909-282-0256. When I called, the answering machine (automated female voice) said after you leave your message you can just hang up. Well that is weird, the machine didn't give a name or place of where I was calling. I left my number again, hung up and something came over me, I never before had done this. But I punched the phone number into the computer and this is the first thing that came up. I'm a little freaked out, but it's ok. Don't worry everyone, I have a feeling this was his last call. Oh maybe not, he'll get just one more if you know what I mean.....   :)
This guy called at 6:00pm on a Friday night for a Saturday interview in Chino.  He game the address of 14275 Pipleline.  Very creepy
Hi All,Thank you all for this forum and your thoughts. I to got a call recently, and someone left this number (909) 282-0256. He said his name so fast on my answering machine that it was unintelligible. He then proceeds to say he saw my resume on CareerBuilder and thinks he has a great position for me. Never mentioning any details. I have been out of work so long now that I have run into these leeches a few times. I wish CareerBuilder, et al would provide some means for those of us struggling to find work to report these SCUMBAGS who waste peoples times and energy. They are nothing but low-life scum of the earth.
I just really want to thank the above people for posting your comments.  I too received a call from Mr. Canada today stating that he saw my resume on Career Builder and wanted to interview me, but left absolutely no details on my voicemail.  I thought that was strange, so I googled his number and saw your comments.  THANK YOU very much for letting me know what I could potentially be getting myself into.  People are crazy these days and if they get you alone, no telling what they could do.  I think we should all google or use any type of search engine to make sure the people who are calling us for interviews are legitimate.
This guy called me too. Goes by the name of Mr. Cañada. He would not give me info and ignored my questions about what company he was with. He too told me about Aegon as the company and that they do financial services. He wouldn't give any details about what the job entailed but said he can show me how to make some money.  This guy is full of S&!t...He wanted me to come the next day. I set an appointment but I'm going to cancel.  No legitimate company is so secretive. One of us should go to try and find out what this guy's all about.
I searched for the guy's address on google and found this same address as a World Financial Group office. No wounder he didn't want to say where he as from. According to Wikipedia, WFG is owned by AEGON. I'm not interested in multi level marketing. ... 47-3@2008122008
yep...i got a call from this number as well, i thought so it was a fake...he gave me the address of 17800 castleton st, city of industry suite 610. I bet he saw this post and he actually gave me a company name "AEGON" know what..he didnt mention "s**t" either
Total a**, Called at 8pm on a Satnight, Ran a canned spiel and would not identify who he was or who he was with. Career Builder sucks
This guy called me saying he saw my resume on CareerBuilder (it is on there, with my number, for LEGITIMATE employers to call me with LEGITIMATE job offers). Anyway, he would not tell me his company's name or the specific job position. I kept trying to ask for this information, and he ignored me and kept on talking. I told him I do not want any kind of sales job, which this most likely is. He said "That's fine" but kept on talking, not telling me any specifics on the position. He seemed angry that I kept trying to interrupt him ("Are you listening?!" he said in a ticked-off tone). He ended up asking me to go in for an interview tomorrow, but I said I need more details about this specific job - I don't want to waste my time. He still would not tell me anything! Frustrated, I told him I am not interested and hung up. I really wanted to tell him where he can stick his spiel, but I don't want to risk receiving any future harrassing calls from this guy or his "company." I then removed my phone number from my CareerBuilder profile. I also looked up his number online (first on and then on as well as a Yahoo search). Turns out he was calling from a land line (a residential number) in Pomona, CA. He had said his company is in City of Industry. What a jerk.

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