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many calls, no message.
many calls, no message
Weird,,, they just keep calling,,, no voicemail... no one on the line...     wonder if I can black them.
I DECIDED TO FIND OUT WHAT THIS WAS ALL ABOUT. Cell phone numbers are purchased fro different surces.... nothing is private anymore in the USA. I was told I had to go to a 90 min meeting. We did, and it was nothing more than a time share presentation, they call it selling vacation weeks. In order to receive the prizes you had to submit cashiers checks for airlines, hotels, car rentals etc. They say you will get this money back 30 days after you have traveled. They give you a number to call to get your money back. Needless to say the only thing it cost me was my time… I did not give them any money...What a scam this is. The presenter kept saying we are not trying to sell you time share… when you buy time share you buy it a one resort, they were selling the so called "vacation weeks" good at different resorts any where in the world. The guy who spoke was the typical obnoxious snake oil salesman who talked so fast he made your head spin. From what I can deduce they have indepemdent affiliates all over the USA and depending on your location will dictate what company you deal with. This company should be closed down just for thinking all consumers are this stupid.MichaelBoston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Yes got this scamcall on my cell a few minutes ago and left good ole Mary amessage... You know Mary you should have stuck with the Nigerian scam.
They called me. I was too afraid to answer it, so i opened and closed my cellphone. I dont care about who it is(i kinda do), i wanna know how they got my phone number!!!
Got the call today 2/13.  Same description as the rest.  Not a time share, free flight and hotel and 150 for gas.  Eat sh_t Mary and Central Reservations.  Thanks everyone for posting almost called back because I thought I remebered entering to win something from Marriott at some point.  As usual if it sounds too good to be true it is
I just got the call ten minutes ago and went online to look up the number.Totally sketchy and Im glad I found this page to verify my thoughts haha.Thanks for the annoyance, Mary.
Frre vacation scam, on my cell.Not good.How do we report this to state attorney general??
Just got the same thing; winning free vacation claim.
Same thing here.
I got that call too at 11:15 am, i knew it sounded too good to be true, too bad.
received call on cell at 11:00 a.m. EST on 2/6/10 - didn't answer call since I didn't know anyone in Kansas (caller ID). The recording left a voice message stating I won a vacation, not a time share, but had two free nights at a Marriott with free gas...  Not calling back -- sounds like a timeshare to me. I didn't enter any contests either and don't know how they got my cell number
Got exactly the same call around 12 pm on 2/6/10. Definitely a scam.
It's definitely a SCAM! This number is from Kansas City, Kansas. The address they gave me to redeem my "complimentary vacation" is the address to a dentist office! Be careful everyone! Don't fall for it! I have no idea how they got my number! Our numbers could have been sold to this company! The worse part is it's my cell phone and I give that number to my family, friends, and co-workers only! Call back and press '2' to get off the recipient list.
I received a voicemail of this as well saying I won a trip for two with Marriott...
I got this call too.  I don't answer, but messages are left and theyare annoying to me.
I got the same call. I actually work for Marriott (for the past 5 years). Marriott would NEVER do this.
I just got a call from this number. I didn't answer, but they left a message saying I had won 2 round trip tickets and two night accommodations to somewhere… I didn’t finish listening; it just sounded too fishy for me. I too wonder how they got my cell phone number. Be careful, I think this is definitely a scam!
Didn't answer. Details of vmail, obviously suspect:Mary from the Award Notification department at Central Vacations claimed my name was pulled after someone in my family entered it last year. The prize was two roundtrip airfares to any US city, two nights accommodation at a Marriott hotel, and $150 worth of gas. Asked to call 877-591-1660 within 24 hours to claim prize.

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