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This number keeps calling  constantly. Today when they rang again I told them my husband was dead.  Within half an hour they rang again and asked for him.  Idiots!!!
I have been doing research into this and have emailed the two companies that have been given in the thread. One of them got back to me really quickly and said that this company is basically using their name fraudulantly. They gave me the name of the company in India and it's called LionTel. I made a formal complaint and the calls stopped for a bout a month but have recently started once again.I told the guy on the other end of the phone (I wasn't polite!), that I get numerous phone calls from this number and they need to stop! He had the nerve to say that they have never rang and then tried going into the normal spiel that they use. I stopped him and told him that it is the same company and even gave him the name. He lied and said that my number is on a website and that means the number that rings will always be the same?????????????????????I told him to save the bulls**t for someone who actually believes him and hung up.I rang trading standards and they basically said to register with the TPS (Which I already am!) and that there's nothing that we can do because the call centre is in india.I could change my phone number, but why the hell should I? It's so damn frustrating.
fed up with calls from this no wish i knew how to call them back at all times of the day
these people ring me on a daily basis,but my husband spoke to someone who spokebroken english, and told him to go away [only not as politely as that!!], but we are so fed up of them ringing us. anyway after that, we had 8 calls in half an hour. harrassment or what!! i just wish they would go away.
had several calls from this #wants to speak to a name i've not heard of. (They're not the only caller asking for this person)tell them that person doesn't live here then they usually go away.
how can i stop this number calling me,91502
Keep ringing my number 91502 and then keep silent after 45 sec hangup.
keep getting phone calls from 91502 how can we stop them who is it
have had numerous calls from this number, have said not interested and told them to remove my number from list but they dont stop
If anyone can confirm their email address, I can write a little program that will send them 20,000 junk emails per minute. It can also be increased to 100,000 per minute
Keep getting these calls too, but nobody replies when I answer, how annoying, its seriously doing my head in now.
They call daily 4/5 times. Once I had a call at 4.00am.  They wont stop or remove my number from their list.  I am ex directory and a member of the MPS. Their telephone number is 91502.
We have been unindated with calls from 91502 over the last 2 months plus.    Most times the phone goes dead on answering.............. I will try and hinder them as much as possible some how or other.These people are PITA's  (Pains in the Arse!!) and that is what they should suffer with.
Email addresses of possible ventured .nothing pain
i have decided to get their email address and spam them continuously with trojan horse viruses and whatever else i can get. i would be more than happy if everyone else bothered to do this as well!!!
keeps ringing us @ some asian man says he works for a goverment legislation debt scheme,' then he hangs up
Calls my hoe phone 4 or 5 times a day - i don't answer numbers I don't recognise. I am also on TPS!!
Appears as a missed call on my phone at work.

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