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Reverse Phone Check:

got a message saying yahoo user wants to sms you. then getting message saying hola amiga, sorry i didnt answer. and the messages keep coming in. now they are texting my boyfriend telling him i am doing "things".
Said hey babe hows ur day
got another one about reply to yahoo msg from caller id 92701
92601 dont text me again your pal big dog
I got a message that  said save this number in your phone as gossip alert S.W. (those are my initials) it may be to your advantage in the future.  Then I got one telling me to always send the juicy gossip about my friends to this number.  Then I got one that said looks like A.H. (a close friend of mine) has had a few drinks tonight. It was really strange.  I also got a text from yahoo saying that someone was trying to contact me through yahoo messenger and I should log on to see who it is. I dunno it's just weird stuff....
hey wats good
hey wats good
I received this weird text, just want to know who it is? I been getting weird text lately, and I dont reply because i dont want to be the wrong person
want 2 hook up
some girl sayin she got my number from her friend and sayin she shy mine has no call bak #
they kept insisting that i know this person and my husband got really pisted. i just hope this isn't a scam to get money
this person is contacting my 12 year old son. Not giving him any web sites to look at. but telling him they are a friend of a friend. One time tried telling him they were his mom. Using vulgar language not suitable for him. User name listed on the phone is missbessy.
a text came in reading Wardaty0000: Hi amoora, then i asked who is this and it replied again with wardaty0000: Fadi-, then I said I don't know who you are and then another text Safadi_F ?????????????????. then I said I don't know who you are and I said good bye, then I got a final text of Safadi_F: Bye
My husband is getting messages from Yahoo 92601. Can i find out the email address to this and who is emailing his phone through yahoo messenger?
I don't have a cell phone, but I have an e-mail. It says that my e-mail Identification # is 92601. You can text from my e-mail, but I don't know any of you people.
I'm trying to find out how to trace this txt msg I received on my cell phone last night. It came in as 92601 but I don't know who this is. Yahoo sent me a previous txt msg letting me know I was going to get this msg.
I got this crazy text message and am wondering who in the hell it is from?Before this message, I got a message telling me that I was going to get a message?  And told me about some website called also used some kind of a name...angelia2zsi7u:
hello. i heard about you and i wanted to say hi..umm im kinda timid so how about you come find me online.. i got a profile at
i got yo text,and i wonder who could this be.i dont kno how to find yo profile so why dont y hit me back and let me no

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