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boxer... radioactive... help
Got a phonecall from these guys 06.10, and for no reason i agreed to receive a boxershorts. Today i found out someone's checked my bankaccounts and my salary the last three years, and that they have send me a creditcard from Kreditor Europe AB. Not quite sure how they got this permisson but seems like its a connection with Im not sure if this are the same guys, but if you have received a copy of your earnings the past years or so and other information, its probably the same. Ive never ever tried to get myself a creditcard.
AdressDalgatan 28957 32 ÖVERTORNEÅ
they called me today to, when i awnsered they just hung up on me:P
I din't know the +46 number,  I guessed it was a swedish number because norway has +47 ... I have gotten that call seven or eight times today!! While I were at school so I couldn't answer it... But one time I answered and they just hanged up. F*** them.... Maybe i'll report it... ; ) xoxo angry norwegian girl!!!!
They calld me every single day. Dont they ounderstand am not interesting to speak whit them??????????????
I got a call today as well (I'm from Norway). I was expecting a foreign call, so I picked it up immediately, and it was funny all the way. I kept being nice to them, and gave my address and everything. Just curious to see how far they go. It won't be profitable for them to deal with me further :)
Called me today, but I was in class and couldn't answer.Anyone got the boxers?
Keeps calling me to,, I'm Norwegian so maybe i shall take a road trip over the boarder and kick their a** :P
This nr keeps calling me!
This nr keeps calling me. 4 times just today.:(Geting tierd of this call from Sweden. I just hang up the phone or just turn of the sound on my mobil........ STOP CALLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is odd its a company from swedeen  . thay ask me if i wanted boxer shorts to with a voice in fear like the russians are invading .i read that many people are been connected maby just to get my card number(problably) but there was somthing with his voice ,how deep does the rabbit hole go???
The company: TeleConnect (
same with me....swedish tele company "giving away" a boxer, with no strings he said...i said i will come back and say how it went...when i get the "boxer":):)
heyagot called by this number today, picked up and this swedish dude tells me i won a boxer and piss, knew my whole name and such, just told him to f*** off and that i dont need any boxers
I gave my cell phone number to a "free sms" website and since then i've been called several times a week from one telesales company after the other. I think they try to call me a set number of times, then send my number to the next telesales company, and then to the next etc... Not very polite. I've had my number for years without any telesales calling me, it all started when i wrote in my number at that free sms website. Ill try to get a new number.
hello. i get the same  number calling me over and over again. never answered since i rarely do when its numbers i dont know and almost know for sure aint something of interrest for me.anyone who have actually picked up and know who that caller is? would be nice to know.
Have investigated this further and found out something. This company is a swedish telesales company. They seems to have everything in order, but not really sure. If you answer just tell them you are not interrested and they wish you a good day and thats that.You might want to ask where they got your number from since they are from sweden calling people outside their border. Or ask to speak with the manager.Other than that its just another telesales company that u can decline doing service with and your off the hook.
Don't call back. Hang up!!
unknown caller from abroad

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