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received calls stop calling
Me llamaron varias veces pero no estaba, quien es?
Es LA CAJA DE CANARIAS  para venderte un seguro de vida. (insurance)
Es un fax de la Escuela de Negocios DAR, de la provincia de Las Palmas. Me llegó un fax en que promonionan un Seminario.
This number has called twice today 11-24-10 the first time no one said anything, I hung up. The second time I said hello about 4 times then some asked if I (my name) was available. I said who is calling, he said WMS. I said what is WMS (silence ) I asked again WHAT IS WMS? and he hung up. If the call again they will get an earful and a waste of their time. How they have my name and cell phone I don't know. THEY HAVE GOT TO BE ILLEGAL.
this person keeps calling me and I am getting pretty tired of it.
AGAIN, this number called me, I held on, a female asked for me. I started in to tell her this was the 4th call today and I want my number removed from their callin list and that's a fact. SHE said 'that's not a fact, that's a request' and hung up. Talk about real dummies!! I'm reporting them now.
These people call several times a day and nobody is ever on the line. Until today. When I asked what they wanted they hung up on me. Obviously they are just trying to get good numbers for telemarketing or some other misuse.
Getting the same call, nobody on the other end.
this number is harassing me daily for long time. im on a "do not call list" and asked her to stop calling. she was giving me lip. imagine that. well the fcc will be notified right now. do the same. this cant be a business some sickO.
really annoying, keep getting calls and no one on the other end, sick of this - - - - I never gave anyonemy cell  #
This number has been calling me for the past week, sometimes more than once a day.  Annoying!
Are You Receving Harrassing Phone Calls?We have heard reports from residents in California, Arizona, Texas and Nebraska about receiving harassing phone calls from someone claiming to be Web Media Services.We apologize for the harassing phone calls using the Web Media Services name. Unfortunately, these calls are NOT coming from our company and there is nothing we can do to stop them. We are a small firm in Buffalo, NY and do NOT solicit business by cold calling.I would suggest contacting your Attorney General so that we can stop these people.
Well I got a call from this number, and they are using landline tactics to get you to call them and use your telephone number for telemarketers and debt collectors! dont answer or return the call. the computer will take your number and trace your info from your carrier!Sign, the tech!
Received phone call. Did not answer.
They call all the time and no one is ever on the other line.  Now I do not bother to answer.  Please quit calling my number.
This number keeps calling my cell and the caller never say's a word...enough already!
(928) 220-8429 keeps calling me, also. I haven't gotten a voice mail, but since it's calling other numbers, I know that I don't need to bother answering it. I also found out that it's a call from Flagstaff, AZ.

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