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They just called me I hung up and they called me back what an idiot if they keep calling I am going to report them to the police!!!
Called, but then hung up on me when I answered. Reported to DONOTCALL.GOV
I keep getting these calls too..The first time they called they said it was "support on click" and said i had a problem with my computer and they are calling to help me fix it...It immediately disturbed me and i hung up...But then the 947-663-2176 keeps calling and when i answer no one says anything and then they hang up...ITS ANNOYING! Thank god i have a feature on my phone that will block calls from certain numbers, althought the phone does ring once and then it blocks it..
I received a call from them today.  The same silence, then someone asking for me by name.  He also had an East Indian accent and asked me if my Windows computer was running slow or freezing up.  I said no and he said OK.  Hopefully they won't keep calling.
I just received a call from the 947-663-2176, and was never exposed to anything, like that. I was passed around two east indian type people telling me my computer, was slow and that it was in trouble of crashing, and that they would fix it for nothing, and then started in with there questions, and it would be a service charge of $59.00. I caught on to what the game was and did not answer the questions,  with all the problems in the world,people should not be allowed phone service for this kind of under handed  gimmick, they are refering to as a service. I called comcast and reported it them, but today, I learned a valuable lesson. "JUST BEAWARE OF WHATS OUT THERE"
They called me 7 times in March, and once so far this April. They harrassed me a few times in April, and got angry with me when I told them I wouldn't get on my computer. I don't know who they are... but I don't trust them.
Asian sounding man asking about a family members computer....does not own one but had his name...I hate these people they need to be fined and jailed!!!!
They called and asked if i was in front of computer. This was the second call in a few weeks so I told him to f-off.  He wasn't sure he understand so I said it more clearly and more slowly, then hung up. The little turd actually called back and asked me why I was abusing him and this that was a professional call. I told him to keep talking because I was tracing the call. Next time I will ask him to strap a bomb to himself and take a trip to paradise.
Called and said I had a problem with my computer,which I do not
Their number is 1-800-698-9034MESS WITH THEM!!!  So much fun !These annoying people are "supportonclick", an Indian phone support company that will "fix" your computer for a small fee.I used the number someone posted on another site to call them just for fun.800-698-9034I told them my "laptop" wouldn't erase.  He asked alot of questions about my "laptop".  I told him it was red, has two white knobs and usually you erase it by shaking it upsidedown.  He worked diligently by phone to help reboot or power cycle my "laptop".  When he couldn't talk me through finding the power switch or keyboard, he asked me what brand of laptop it is.  I told him it is an Etch-A-Sketch.  He said he had never heard of the Etch-A-Sketch brand of laptop.  He thought maybe it was a specialized graphics tablet of some kind.  I can't wait till they call back again.  Too much fun.
Caller ID reads as Name Unavailable. I answered, but no one on the line. I, too, have gotten the 'Windows running slow...' phone calls, Indian? accent & all. I wish the nut-wipe(s) would stop calling. I have better things to do with my time and don't want to strain my brain trying to play with the con artist(s).
These guys are frauds.  If you are annoyed by them, use the *57 Phone Trace feature.  After several calls, you can report it to the police and request charges be filed.  They're not local to most people, but if enough people complain... wham!!  They'll get their just desserts.
He is calling all windows users about this problem they might have downloaded from the internet without knowing it. He did have a very strong Camel accent.
Keep gett ing calls from this number.  After I say "hello" once there is complete silence.  I know better than to say it twice.  I just hang up.  But they're persistant!!
Called twice this afternoon to "help" me with my operating system...said his name is "Matt" ( very Indian accent) ha.ha.He said he is calling in regard to my computer problems....( I don't have any!)
See for more comments about this number.
Prats keep calling me even in New Zealand, but do not answer.
He told me that my computer was running slowly.  How did he know?
this call comes in often and when I answer they hang up.  I am tired of it, as they are distracting when I need to spend time on important tasks.

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