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I have received calls from this number at least 7 times in the past week.  Also from 949-954-3039. They say the name of their company is USA Auto Finance and they are located in San Diego and my application for a car loan has been approved.  I have not applied for a car loan. Today I asked for a supervisor and he said it was Michael Jackson.  They are foreign but I am not sure from what country.  DO NOT give them any information!  This is a total scam.  BEWARE! Don't even answer your phone if these numbers appear on your screen.
I have received six calls from this number in the past two days, I reported this to the FCC, FBI, IN Atty GEN, Local Police and Secret SVC. When you get these scam calls DO NOT VERIFY ANY INFORMATION!! Get a coaches whistle and if you want to answer the call then blow really hard into the phone after you tell them that you have already reported them to the federal agencies. The federal agencies  said that these ARE SCAM CALLERS and the more reports they get the better.
Call 949-954-3039 and tell them to take you off the list.  Do not give them any info other than your phone number.
says they are Auto Loan Company.  BS!  They call my phone 10 times a day and then get snotty when you tell them to stop calling!
Some foreign sounding guy called this morning for my brother in law.  I told him he wasn't home.  He just called again and I told him again he wasn't home.  The guy then asked me what my name was.  I told him Brandi.  I asked him if he wanted to leave a message.  He said yes, but asked me to hold.  When he got back on the phone he was laughing.  He said Brandi.  I said yes.  Then he proceeded to tell me that he wanted to f**k me.  Asked me if my nipples were hard. He eventually hung up on me as I sat at the other end of the phone in just disgust.  Who are these people?  I called the number back and nothing.  I'm so upset and offended.
These people called me and this man proceeds to calling me very ugly words and insulting me, when I asked to be put on the Do not call call list he started cussing me in Ariabic.  I would advise not even answering the phone when these people call.  They will not tell you where they are from or what it is concerning.  All that I know is the #949-956-2358.  Very rude people!!!
keep getting calls from this number DO NOT ANSWER these are associated w/ the payday loan collection agencies trying to verify all your information. they are SCAMMERS!!!
To anyone out there who really cares. I have called my local FBI, State Attorney General's office, The FCC, and FTC.  Please make these people aware of the calls you r getting.  Yes they are a scam but also may fall under other state laws.
949-956-2358 tried to call it back and the operator said it was an international call
Got a call myself today from this #.  Person asked for me by my first name only & then nothing.  LOTS of noise in the background.  I just hung up.
We have received calls (on caller id) from this number - no message left - When called back the message says "your call cannot be completed as dialed 089P".
Someone called me as well.left no message and the caller id said the call was from California.
USA Auto Finance "That was fun. They claim to be an auto loan company. I never applied for a loan nor do I need one. I asked them to stop calling me a week ago and I am still receiving calls. Tonight at 9:30 pm they called me and I spoke with a man whose name is Anthony. I gave them a whole bunch of false information. I gave them a social security number of 123-45-6789 along with my name. They called me back 10 minutes later telling me congratulations I had been approved for the loan. DUH! My credit is so bad right now that even the high interest places wouldn't touch me. They asked for my checking account information and I told them I didn't feel comfortable giving it over the phone. I told him that I had tried to call them back and the number on my caller ID was not a valid number. He gave me a customer service number of 949-954-3039 and told me their business name was USA auto finance. I called the customer service number and indeed it did work but when they answered the phone they said hello rather than using a professional greeting. It also sounded like there were a bunch of people having a party in the background. I tried to report them to several companies that deal with these issues but because the number on my caller ID is an invalid number they could not do anything. I contacted my local sheriff's department and will be going tomorrow morning to file an official complaint. I plan to pursue this to the fullest extent of the law and thankfully with pretending to be interested I was able to figure out their contact information. If anyone else is able to find out any information about this scam please let me know. The more evidence I have the better chance I have of pursing criminal charges."
Left no message
2x today, they leave no msg and the call back says that they r temp not available, i also got a 0000000000 number today...
I received a call frm 949 743-3367 saying I had warrants out for my arrest in the state of California. Caller wouls not identify the company he represented or exactly who the debt was from. All he would say (in his very foreign voice) was it was a payday loan. I applied online over 6 months ago for a cash loan (can't even remember the company) and never tok the loan. I declined it in email and fax. No money was ever put into my account. I thought maybe in error they did put the money in (I am a single mom and never really check account, just have a mental note of funds) so I went to bank to check. They went back over a year with me and no money was ever put into my account. I also called the local police department that looked me up by name and birthdate and theey told me no warrants for me anywhere in the United States have been issued. They also told about about these scams. Suggested closing my account to just be safe. I then called the foreign guy back and told him I notified the police and his responce was "then they will be at your house to arrest you tomorrow and hung up'. I do panic and feel very reassured that this is a scam, but we'll see tomorrow. Never,never give personal info online or over phone. Tough lesson to learn.
I got a phone call on friday stating that I owed over $5000.00 for a $300 payday loan that was done back in August of 2009.  I told the company that there was a huge misunderstanding but they continued to threaten me and wanted me to pay a settlement for $1245.  They could not give me the date or name of the creditor and the collection agency posed as an attorney under the name of Arnie Aldman bar number 228445 who suppose to be Sanders Legal Group. The phone number is 949-743-3367 and fax number is 1-760-283-2301 the individual name that harrassed me is Andy Hunt and he has a very heavy accent but a gentleman by the name of Kevin Smith contacted me first. I will be contacting the Federal Trade Commission to file a complaint.  I also contacted my bank and had my account closed because they had ALL of my information.  The bank did inform me to be careful because there has been some reported scam cases around this same scenario.
i got the same call today i told them to go to hell.
I rec'd a call at work and first of all could not understand the person and second of all cold not tell me who the people were that were supposedly sueing me.
I got a call yesterday from 714006600 the person that I spoke to said that I was being sued to have my lawyer contact their office. I asked why I was being sued and that I knew nothing about this and he he said that how could I nt know that I was being sued. He told me that I had three federal charges which I really could'nt hear. When I asked who was sueing he said insta-loan I asked him for more info he seighed and said o my gosh I just gave u the info, I asked him for a # to cantact that company he very rude so since I was at work and could barely hear him I hung up because he was nt answering my questions. He called back I did not pick up and he left me a very nasty messege alost threatening me he said that if I did not call back in 10 mins I would suffer the consecuenses  for wht i had done. When I called back to tell him that I wanted proof of when the money had been deposited into my acct he said dont wooryy you will find out from your job....

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