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Unsolicited calls to an unlisted phone number registered with the national Do Not Call list.
Thanks for all the information. I realize that reporting them is next to useless. I am able to block calls like this, so I did.
I think that we should organize a time for us all to call these numbers, starting with the 951-240-1397, and call it...all at the exact time or as close to the exact time as possible...and ask for "Frank" . After about 30 minutes or so of this someone call them and say, "Hello....this is Frank. Have you gotten any calls for me?" I think to would blow their minds!! I had one sales person trying to sell me insurance and they refused to accept "no" for an answer from I started answering the phone when they called and I talked very loud with a voice like a deaf person....sorry and no offense intended towards anyone that is hard of hearing.....but, anyway, I started to only answer the phone like that when they called. I also repeated EVERYTHING that they said to me back to them. They started hanging up on me and I could hear them cussing and calling me names when they were hanging up on me. I continued to do this and after 3 days they stopped calling me and haven't tried me back for nearly a year now. It was funny to hear them get mad and I wish I had recorded it because it would have been funny to listren to...maybe I could have sold it for money like those guys do...I forget their names but they made a fortune pranking people on the phone. They will stop harassing you via the phone when you return the favor.
Why me?
I got a call from this number. Did not leave a message.
Received a call from this number, 951-240-1397, but no message was left.  Called back using Skype (Our Skype phone blocks caller ID even on 1-800 numbers) and received no answer.  Just got a recording saying, "The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time"... Then it went on in Spanish, followed by some sort of code number.
got call from 951-240-1397
Here are all 31 numbers that have been calling me and harassing me from automated calls that when I attempt to call back I'm told that the number isn't a valid number or or is "disconnected". Neither the FTC nor the FCC will do a thing about these numbers  despite me being on the "Do not call list". I hope they don't investigate the "No fly" list the same way!! Lets whow these pointed head Government Bureaucrats how to conduct an investigation and see if we can make these bloodsucking solicitors beg us for mercy! I highly recommend anyone replacing a wornout cordless phone to get the Panasonic KX-TGA641 as a replacement as it has a "30 slot Callblock" feature that used the caller ID. I have filled up the callblock feature on these idiots and can still tell how often they call because the phone will ring a half a ring, just long enough for caller ID to trip the block feature. Comes in handy to keep track while not wanting to be bothered. Here are the numbers calling me...many of them the same ones calling you. Goodluck!:214-654-7896561-826-4533561-826-4534561-826-6558561-826-6560561-961-8957561-961-8959702-853-1730786-227-5200786-362-6839740-236-4133406-351-4131414-236-0954425-573-0491512-647-6364616-604-0394800-798-9115800-984-9115817-555-1234866-849-0469866-849-2438866-392-2178866-682-4994877-894-0625303-557-0565813-849-9012978-570-2309925-948-3578951-240-1397954-858-5751909-499-3575
i've gotten the same calls for weeks!!!!automated message saying: "are you one of the millions without health insurance?..."tried to call back and the # is unreachable.bring these guys down!!!!!!call the Federal Trade Commission to file a complaint @ 1-877-382-4357andcall the Federal Communications Commission to file a complaint @ 1-888-225-5322
Stop calling me.
did not answer phone and no message left. possibly a telemarketer. will never answer unfamiliar numbers
got a call from this # this morning. When I tried to call the # back I got a recorded message saying it was unreachable. Whats going on?
Have been getting calls on my cell every day from this number ... tried calling back, to no avail.  My cell is on the Federal Do Not Call list!
Comes us a cell number. Didn't answer
Call to my cell phone - recorded sales pitch about health insurance. Called the number back and got a message that the person I'm calling has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet.
called, but I didn't answer the phone.
I don't want the calls from this number
Same story here...they gave me the date that I supposedly entered the drawing but I was home, recovering from a medical procedure, on that date!  Definitely a scam.
Hello Im another of the lucky person who got a call from 888-343-7935 ext 60 his name is Roberto or 951-905-5380 his name was Sergio from the Gift Center to let me know I was one of the lucky who fill out a card at Pacific View Mall in Ventura, CA and they want me to go on Friday 3/5/10 at 4 pm to this address at 16530 Ventura Blvd. Suite 101 Encino, CA 91436 to get 1 of their 5 gifts, a new 2010 Mercedes vehicle or $100,000, Las Vegas trip, cruise to somewhere in Mexico or 2 round trips anywhere in USA. Wow and all this just by completing this card at the Mall. MMMMM let me think about it. TRUE OR NOT TRUE but Im not going.

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