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Viking magazine service needs to die in a fire. They have been calling our land line all day. Does someone publish newly connected numbers and sell them to telemarketers?
It is so much fun messing around with these people. LOVE IT
same here.. keeps calling and asking for me with my first name.. I just got this new number 3 days ago.. I want it stopped too. what can we do? I am emailing viking magazine and telling them someone is using their name and if it is them then they need to stop.
I had this number put in 3 days ago to stop idiots like this from calling me.. I got it unpublished and unlisted and they still call me in 3 days of the change?? he called me by my first name too. I want it stopped. I will take legal actions if necessary. I cant see how people/ companies are allowed to do all these calls in the first place. thanks
Got a call from this number and I never answer. Anybody have any idea who these folks are?
i ignore all calls i don't know. Also i don't like telemarketers even though i am one
A man calling from this number just called my job asking for me by last name. He started laphing and then hung up. Kinda freaked me out.Gee- who do you know this is the same person as your EX? IF, this is really happening to you, you can call the police. I feel sorry for you to A- have this person doing this to you or B- that you think this is happening to you.
Sorry for my writing on my first post. I ment to say, How do you know this is the same person as your EX.Regards,Suzanne408
These calls are likely from a pyschopath who has been stalking me for several months. The man is actually an ex-boyfriend whom I was also engaged to marry. I broke off the relationship when I discovered his sinister motives. He obviously knows something about the telecommunications field since that was his line of work. He harasses me via emails as well as spoofed phone caller ID's and phone numbers, under various guises, as well as third-party stalking methods. He is an avid church-goer and participates in various ministries. He is very charitable and helpful when he sees a situation that he can later exploit. This man has recently quit a lucrative full-time job to get you and me (taxpayers) to pay for his faked disability claims.MOST IMPORTANTLY: IF THIS INDIVIDUAL IS CALLING YOU AND ASKING FOR YOU OR MEMBERS OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD BY NAME, SUGGESTING THAT YOU ARE MOVING ETC., IT IS BECAUSE HE ALSO HAS SPYWARE ON YOUR HOME AND CELL PHONES AND IS LISTENING IN ON YOUR "PRIVATE" CONVERSATIONS. HE POSSIBLY HAS SPYWARE AND KEY LOGGER SOFTWARE ON YOUR PC'S AS WELL. HE HAS IT ON MINE AND I CANNOT AFFORD TO HIRE A PRIVATE DETECTIVE TO REMOVE IT. THIS INDIVIDUAL IS NOT NORMAL AND GOES TO GREAT LENGTHS TO STALK AND HARRASS HIS TARGETS.
I received several calls from this number and I finally answered one and the caller asked for me by name and told me he had been authorized to give me 6 months of free magazines. I told he not thanks, take my number off your call list. We will see if it works.
I got a call from this number--Caller ID says Viking Magazine. They left a message saying they were VMS and would call back. I googled it and it looks like some kind of scam--something to do with magazines. Beware!!!
I just answered a call from this number at my mothers house. The man was asking for my nephew who lives here. I asked if he would like to leave a message. He just said he was making a courtesy call from Viking Magazines and to have a blessed day. Very odd, especially after reading these other posts. Maybe they are confirming someones whereabouts for some reason. Has anyone had any strange events happen since these calls were made? Maybe a robbery or break in? I don't know, just a thought. They are definitely up to something.
Just moved to Virginia beach and this # 9528526698 calls all the time tried to call it back and I get a fast busy.  It cant be a telemarketer b/c we are on the do not call list.  It is becoming a problem he calls @ 6 a.m and then at 10 pm every day.
Just got this phone number a few days ago and today Viking Magazine calls me and the guy asked for me by my first name.I said yes and asked who he was,he then said that he heard I was moving to MN.I said No,I'm not.He then said loudly WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO?? and hung up..must be a scam or something strange because I just moved to the Pacific Northwest a week ago,why would I move again to MN? stupid.
me acaban de llamar y no es la 1ª vez. Cuidado es una ESTAFA. 1º dicen que son de pág. amarillas. FALSO. 2º Me preguntan si soy tan amable de confirmar los datos que tienen para actualizarlos. Esta vez no sé que ha pasado que ya me comunicaron de seguido que el coste era de 300 € semestrales. Ahí se acabó.
A nosotros nos llaman cada 6 meses diciéndonos que son Guías Amarillas. Nos llaman para preguntarnos si queremos renovar el contrato que tenemos con ellos. Pero NO tenemos nada contratado. Cuando llaman les decimos que no vuelvan a llamar, que no les hemos contratado nada nunca, por lo que no podemos renovar nada. Pero al tiempo vuelven.Es un timo.
dicen que son de guias amarillas, y quieren verificar datos, con el fin de obtenerlos.Ayer me llamaron de unas guías empresariales o algo así con nº oculto, para verificar un supuesto contrato, en cuanto le dije que no había hecho ninguno con ellos. De muy malas maneras y como amenazando me dijeron que ya me lo mandarían, como si me fuesen a dar en la cara con él.Relaciono la llamada de hoy con la de ayer, porque era el mismo tono.¿qué se puede hacer para no recibir llamadas de este tipo??Ojo también  a una consultora llamada IMPROLINK, te ofrecen ganancias en bolsa, y si no aceptas, te hacen un acoso telefónico terrible, incluso se hacen pasar por gente falsa, de publicaciones, periódicos, para coseguir imformación y después utilizarla para amenazar si no contratas sus productos.
got called from this number and asked to take a message for who he was asking for he just said his name was brandon ripley and to call him back.I never did thoughand kanye west, heartless was playing in the background
Lo paran de llamarnos para VERIFICAR unos datos que supuestamente le hemos facilitado nosotros (cosa no cierta).Además llamas después para decir que no te llamen, porque llaman una y otra vez y dicen que no han sido ellos... ya nos ha pasado 2 veces.lo que no entiendo es como no se puede hacer nada.Se hacen pasar por GUIAS AMARILLAS, GUIAS AZULES, GUIAS BLANCAS...
Ahora mismo me acaban de llamar de este número ( 952649000) y me han dicho que son de paginas amarillas y que quieren comprobar los datos para actualizar las paginas. Me han dicho el nombre de la empresa, el telefono y la dirección correctamente. Me han pedido el Fax, web, e-mail  y cif y con el banco que trabajo, y se lo he facilitado, entonces han querido comprobar el numero de cuenta y como me sonaba ya a un timo les he dicho que yo no estaba autorizada a darles el numero de cuenta y les he dicho que hablen con el gerente. No creo que vuelvan a llamar o tal vez sí. Esperaremos haber que pasa y ya os contaré.

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