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I got the same call as Jessy, but when they were talking about addresses he was acting really pausy then hung up.  I really don't need a stolen identy which got me nervous, and he was pretending when i answered that someone else used my number to sign up for it.  Assked for my name, which type of credit card i liked, what was my job and address
these idiots call my cell phone and they call the house phone also BUT never ansqwer or leave message.  think its a freaking telemarketer!!
Been getting these calls on my cell phone and they leave no message.. Also on my home phone.. This last time a guy was on and said I gave the number to them.. Very firmly said no I didn't and you are calling my cell phone.  Do not call.  He hung up before I could finish.... What is different my cell isn't in the same area code as my home phone and he did say it was from Fla.
may i speak to juan hernandez
Yeah they called me with the $1,000 online gift card scam (you only pay "small shipping and handling fees"). They knew my name- other than, that I just listened for 30 more seconds then hung up.
same thing as Tina. they called and I missed the call. I called back and all it said was mail box was full.
They call daily, sometimes twice a day.
I got the same conversation as Jessy, except it was a friendly lady. Whenever they asked for my job, I said mother and student. The phone seemed like it "accidentally" disconnected after that.
Received call twice from this message and cannot call back says mailbox is full
They seemed to have upped the ante so-to-speak.The guy that called claimed I'd won $1000 dollars for going to this savers market site or some such (I wish I could remember the exact name so I could have them reported.)....which I HAD been to several websites applying to contests...and this one sounded familiar because I could swear I got an e-mail from them a bit ago...but I remember deleting the e-mail because it screamed spam to me.They didn't ask for any personal information (credit card, social security) but they knew both my number, name and address (scary, let me tell you) But at first it seemed legit because I HAD been entering contests and the first guy I talked to was very pleasant. The only thing he asked me was what I did for a job (I don't technically have one, I'm self employed selling art) and what magazines I wanted sent to me. He also told me I could unsubscribe to the magazines immediately they just came with it because of the nature of the contest.Then he patched me over to another guy...who relayed back what magazines I wanted, asked me how long I'd been drawing (I said since I was a little girl) and then asked what my job was. I said I don't have a job, I do commissions. and he goes "You don't have a job." all serious "You don't qualify" and hung up....without even having the curtsy to apologize or wish me a good day. Two things any self respecting LEGIT company would have done. My suggestion, if you get a call from these guys and they actually talk...tell them to remove you from their list immediately and report the number.
Has called twice.
keeps callin think its phishin
They call me every weekday at 9:35 am EST while I am at work for the past week. They do not leave a message and I have been unable to answer.
Calling me daily, doesn't leave a message
Phising for sure, based in Florida and appear to likely be the person that hacked my google account last night and this morning. Change your passwords.
No idea who this is, I answered and the only thing they said was, "russian princess."  I suggest DO NOT try to return the call just in case its a paid soliciting number.
Just received call from supposed G&B.  Asked if my docttor's pay me ontime.   I called back three times, they pretended that they werre just personal people who were answering their cellphones and acted as if I was calling the wrong number.  In the other calls I got a woman and a man and that was all.  They called me a Bit--, and I told them they had no right to call and lie to me or ask anything about my business and that real collectors don't talk like that.  BEWARE!!  They, in my opinion are not real collectors and are just looking for info to steal your identity or somehow get your personal info.  GIVE NO INFO.  DO NOT ANSWER IF YOU SEE "Glodberg Bloom" on caller ID.  Any real attorney's office will have the ampersand in the middle (&) and knows that to collect the money you owe by being facilitating.  I am in a criminal justice program and have learned that this is some poeple's way of getting your info.  REPORT THEM AS I DID.  I called the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 1-877-382-4357.  You cannot add to my complaint but can file a new one.  It took about three minutes.  It was easy.  EVERYONE TAKE THE TIME TO DO THE SAME AS IT MAY SHUT THEM DOWN>  I was told they will be investigating the company.The number that called me was 1-954-749-3335Area codes 754 and 954 are the area codes for Broward County, Florida. The 954 code went into service on September 11, 1995.  This is where they are calling from, at least that's what the number shows.  but remember,  people can work from remote locations and use numbers from anywhere.  It seems from the other posts that the area code remains the same, so it can be assumed they are in Florida. Do what you gotta do people!!!!  Stop this harrassment.
they helped me and i was very thankfull to goldberg & bloom.
Same story here - I have better things to do than deal with these fools.  They also use the number 954-741-9609.   Our caller is generally "Ted Roberts".  He always sounds bored and terribly self-important. Easy to sound like a big-shot when you're "anonymous" - but, my MBA/CPA/JD isn't impressed.
I recieved alot of calls in the past 2 days starting with 954, 312, 818 and private callers that call and never leave a message. Don't answer them they are scams or telemarkers. I just press Ignore but they keep calling back. I had 3 today from 954-782-5563.

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