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I also got several calls for the same position near my area from different recruiters working for Artech at different locations.  They asked my SS# and quoted the hiring company is Microsoft that has strict hiring procedure and need SS# to do background check.  Does anybody has experience working with them and got the job or got identity theft?  They do have heavy Indian accent and hard to understand as well as offer below average contract rate.  I gave them my ss# and am expecting phone interview from the hiring manager but I haven't heard from the manager yet.  Does anybody have positive experience working with them or this is phising?
I just got a call from the phone number as well saying they had a customer service position open for me. I thought I should look up the phone number on the web and found this site and I am very disappointed that people would do this to other people with state of the economy the way it is.
Caution - These folks are wanting your SSN number and exact spelling of your name as it would appear on your SSN card.This are phishing.
Spoke to the "recruiter" and he was DETERMINED to get my SS#, i finally hung up on him and told him I was contacting BBB and to never contact me again.The worst part? they are taking advantage of a slow economy where people are really looking for work and we are being scammed by fools like this.
I get identical emails from various "recruiters" from this New Jersey agency.Do you or your company want to be represented by Internet "recruiters?" See
Artech is a staffing company in the IT/telephony industry.  They are staffed mostly by people from India and surrounding areas.
Artech recruits for places all over, not just NJ.  The woman may have been calling about a position for your husband in your area.   She is most likely not even in New Jersey, I suspect she is in a call center in India.This being said I've never had much success working with recruiters who barely speaks English.
Hi! I just received a phone call from the same phone number for my husband 3:30 Central Time.  I didn't recognize the area code so I just left it go to voicemail.  A woman left a message for my husband regarding an open job position but she didn't specify what it was for.  I just deleted the message & I'm not going to bother my husband with it.  Why would my husband be qualified for the open position when we live 8 states away?  That doesn't make sense.  I'm glad that when strange things pop up like this, I can find people like you that share the same experience.  Thanks for leaving your findings!
called no answer and no message and i have unlisted number
Yes, this is Artech Information Systems L.L.C. in Morristown NJ.  I responded to an email from this recruiting firm and they called me on this number and also 973-993-9383.  I could hardly understand what the Lady on the phone was saying and asked her several time to repeat herself.  They are very nice people, however very very difficult to understand.
On 07/22/08 was called 8 times by this number, 3 voicemails that i could not understand, and 2 emails. I called them upset by the disturbing fact that they would call my cell phone so much while i was at work. I called them that evening left them a message requesting no further calls or solicitations from their company. And guess what they called me 4 more times on 07/23/08 the very next day. I answered the 5th phone call and told the man DO NOT CALL MY NUMBER AGAIN DESTROY MY CONTACT INFO I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER CALL FOR ANY REASON.
I received a call from this number. No message. Like others here I also had my resume on Careerbuilder and
this number called my office, rang once, no message
I receive a bunch of emails from them.  Artech is  a recruiting agency in NJ. They'll find you by browsing for candidates on Monster etc...The company is legit and I've spoken to several recruiters. It is true that they are hard to understand over the phone due to a heavy Indian accent. If you are a current job-seeker, please note that they can be a little aggressive to fill their positions (most are temporary/short-term contract positions). I've never accepted one because the hourly offer is well below pay market rate. The agency takes a big percentage (more than normal) and when you try to negotiate they nickle and dime you.
I got a call from this number too. Couldn't hear anything except for "hello". I guess its about a job position. I even tried calling back, but couldn't connect.
i recieved a call from from this number, the man had thick east indian accent. this is the second time he has called me. im thinking that he got my info from one of the job search engines that i am useing. also he did send me an email with the name artech inc.
Got the same call. I too had updated my resume on CareerBuilder and Not sure which this company is getting their information from. I'm not planning on calling them back.
WHO THEY ARE: Kushner Company Real Estate Investments Group in New Jersey and also an office in New York City.  (973-360-2026,973-360-2031,973-822-0050,212-527-7000)  They are real estate developers and investors.  They can only make money from those who are losing their home.  Whenever the market goes down, they will dial the phone.  When the real estate market is up, they won't call.  They are closely related to a real estate developer which New York city probably knows very well.  This is a guess since his company is related to real estate investment and developement and is the only company in New York which calls the country for the same purpose. At least one of those numbers above has been traced to a well known building in New York city, and all of the numbers are related to each other.   The New York number has been traced and is related to the other numbers. All numbers are traced to the same building, and the name of the building in New York city is named after a well known person and can be guessed by any average American.  That's all I will say about it.  Everyone knows the owner of the company but he probably doesn't know that his employees are calling so many - repeatedly. He is NOT calling you himself.   I am guessing that his employees of his company are calling those who may be interested in real estate investments as a business, and for people who want to bail-out of their home, or both - if their home has become less worth than the mortgage it's probably a good investment to bail out if you are offered money for the home and to take a small loss in the interim.  It's a nice little business and they have the right to call people. But they do not have the right to call and just hand up or call from a number that doesn't ring or just rings once for the purpose of tracing YOUR number. Yes, they are tracing those who may be curious or interested in THEM.Even though they are not being answered, your calls are being tallied for how many are interested or curious and gives them feedback as you call them back.  They will keep calling as long you keep calling them.  They trace YOUR number, while YOU call THEM.  They will keep calling you as long as you keep calling them.If you do not call them, they may call but not as often.  Apparently his employees think they are so rich that they can ignore laws:To get rid of them, ignore them, block them or report them:  Here's how: WHAT TO DO: If you are annoyed by these calls, do the following:  (1)BLOCK ALL NUMBERS: 973-360-2026, 973-360-2031, 973-822-0050, 212-527-7000.   (2) report these call-intrusions to the "do not call list" ( (3) DO NOT CALL BACK THOSE NUMBERS.  Then they won't call you - - as often. My personal opinion (which I am entitled to):His employees aren't hired for their brilliant minds - only their looks.  Just because his employees are rich, famous and probably also owns half of New York city - all of that doesn't mean they can ignore calling-laws and keep calling people who are trying to ignore their calls. They need a freakin hint!  Did they actually go to school? Are they just good looking for the company?Perhaps they call because they crave more attention than they get on TV. Their IQ is less than 70, and they were in the right place at the right time. Their only brilliance is a cluster of diamonds. That's my opinion and I am entitled to it.     Block them or not - it's up to you.  If you like the calls - don't complain.  If you don't want their calls, then read above.   Enough said!
this number was on the call log at my work phone from yesterday at 12:30pm. called back this morning and the number had been disconnected...
I received a call today at work from them, no message, no number.  It shows up on my call log.  I was not at my desk...

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