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constant calls even though I have asked them to stop calling me.  they just tell me they will not stop.  I have cease & desists on them - they don't care.
Bill must work for them.  The notion that you should EVER give a caller personal information is complete idiocy.... phishing happens and people call looking to steal identities.  Just because someone CLAIMS they're from a firm, doesn't mean they are.  Even if they ARE from such a firm, it does not give them the right to ask for personal information when they have a wrong number.  ANYONE asking someone they've called for their SSN is out of line... period.I've had so many collection calls for people I've never heard of that I no longer answer the phone if I don't know the caller from their caller ID.  Calls from this number are one of the reasons why.
Just called looking for someone who doesn't work at our place. Said his name was Josh Ebert, and he got our number off Google. Very haughty manner.
These people are unbelievably rude and nasty.  After identifying my name, that wasn't good enough for them, they then wanted my address AND SSN.  FORGET IT!!
Keeps calling.  Never leaves a message.FYI - According to New York State, there are no lawyers admitted in New York with the last name "Zwicker".
I got a call from this place, when I call back its always busy
These people have called seven times in the last two days!  Very annoying. I haven't gotten to the phone in time to answer yet, and they don't leave messages.
I was on vacation and they called 3 to 4 times a day (even Sundays).
they keep calling but no one answers when I pick up
This number repeatedly calls me EVERYDAY and when I do answer they hang up on me! I have called them back and its Turn Key, but no one is ever there to answer the phone so you are instructed to leave a message and when I do they don't call me back. I have done a bit of research and it turns out they're hired by the Boston Globe -- you'd think w/ all of the Globe's money issues they'd save their money for something better than hiring outside companies to harass and prank random cell phone numbers!
Parasites- called again and hung up.  Globe -  I hope the go under.
Have been receiving similar calls from this number.  Callers do not identify themselves, but asks for John or Mike, which is strange and neither is my name.  As they appear to be a collections agency, they are definitely not looking for me, and double checked by credit report to ensure no identity theft was at play.  The most recent caller said that I was being recorded and that I need to admit who I was.  Not sure how they got my cell number, but it seems indiscriminate and they in these times I had assumed it was a scam until I checked the phone number via google.
My 10 year old daughter just got a call from this number on her cell phone. She's had the phone for 9 months and obviously she doesn't owe anyone anything.  (Her dad & I do not have credit card debt, either...) She didn't answer the phone because she didn't recognize the number but I also don't want these folks harrassing her, so I guess I'll call it back?
Just Bill  You sound like you work for this company. I'm not saying thats a bad thing but...   I'd just like to say when an agency calls me looking for a person not residing in my home or paying my cell bill and I tell them they have the wrong number they need to accept that and find further info on the person they are looking for.  I am not the one who needs to give them my information on name location and such thats not there business. You say if they arent looking for you it shouldnt matter but it does matter.  Do you honestly give that info out to people who have no business with you?  I'd advise anyone not to give out personal information to anyone who calls looking for someone else.  I've goten businesses to stop calling me when I recently moved and got a new number.
They keep calling and calling asking for a Peter somebody. I have no idea how they got my number but they are really pissing me off.
I read the comments and I have a few bits of info that I hope y'all find helpful.To Jennifer and Dino:  You both said you've been getting calls from Zwicker asking for somebody else who isn't you.  Numbers are acquired in one of two ways.  Either by a person or through an online source.  Regardless of where it came from, Zwicker has at least a fair reason to believe it MIGHT be a valid contact number.  If it isn't, don't just say "wrong number" and hang up.  Tell they who they HAVE reached.  Give your name, city of residence, how long you've had the number, etc.  They're debt collectors; not telemarketers... so it won't harm you if they know who you are.  If you ain't the debtor, they don't care about you, so give them the info.  Sometimes, numbers pop back up after a while and if past notes are reviewed carefully, you might get repeat callers.  If they're really annoying calls, get their mailing address and send a written cease and desist letter. To Richard:  If you've never had an AMEX card, ask for proof of debt next time they call.  If they can't even provide proof that it's your debt, they can't collect on it.To Gil Armstrong:  First off, ask them what debt they're collecting and make darn sure you don't have a similar debt.  YOU don't have to contract these people for them to "have business with you."  If you default on, say, a credit card.  There's a provision in the cardholder agreement that states your account can go to a third party debt collector if you're X number of days past due.  If there's a chance you MIGHT have a debt similar to what they're collecting on, you might want to give a listen.  Failure to do so might land you in court if you're not careful and ignorance of the debt won't get you out of trouble.  Get proof of debt and look it over carefully just to be sure it isn't yours.  Then, provide Zwicker proof that you are, in fact, the wrong party.To Iaa:  Not "supposedly" - they ARE a lawfirm... and hanging up on them, regardless of whether or not you like what they have to say, is pretty much the worst thing you can do.  If litigation is a possibility and you hang up on them, that puts you on the fast track to get sued quickly because their notes will reflect that "debtor is uncooperative" and they'll see no point in wasting time with mediation steps when they can just secure the debt with a money judgment.  Keep hanging up on them and you can ABSOLUTELY expect to have ruined credit in no time flat, complete with a judgment on your report.  Not fun.  Plus, that same judgment tolls the statute of limitations for quite a long, LONG time, so you'll get to enjoy another 20 or so YEARS of Zwicker in your life.  They don't have to be nice to you, so get that straight in your head and call them back.... and don't wait for them to call YOU.  If you haven't heard a peep out of them for a couple of weeks, start worrying because odds are, they've already drawn up a summons and complaint.To William:  You wrote "I just got a call from this people. I have heard about them, so I did not answer the phone."  Odds are, if you're getting a call from Zwicker, they've got a good reason to call, so you'd be wise to answer the call and find out what they're calling about.  If you don't, you'll end up like Iaa and trust me, you don't want that.
I keep on getting messages on my phone from Steve with Zicker and Associates looking for someone other then myself or my wife.  They will not stop calling and we don't even know who they are looking for or how they got my number.
whats up with these numbers is it a scam 1 207 984 2130 is just like this number you pick it up and you hear a ringtone. after that number called twice and did nothin then some guy from the boston glob called is it a scam trying to steal your credit card or somthin. The this mourning 1 9787674233 callls and nothing stop calling me arrrrr
I just got a call from this people. I have heard about them, so I did not answer the phone.
I have been dealing with these people for many months. Zwicker and Associates is in New York. Supposedly they are a law firm. They have threatened me several times with a law suit. They are rude. If I hang up they call right back. They send letters several times a month. I recognize this number now and have quit answering the phone. They leave nasty messages. They are unprofessional and devious.

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