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Reverse Phone Check:

Robo call in spanish.
Robo call in spanish.
Same here. Call was in Spanish. No idea who/what it is. 985 area code is out of Louisiana.
Just a few minutes ago -- didn't pick up.  Glad I didn't based on earlier feedback.
same here. didn't pick up. noticed my unsolicited calls have gone up sharply (from a near zero) since getting a mortgage.
Spanish robo caller
Called 2 minutes ago; recording in Spanish.  Caller ID indicated it was from LA.  Not the first time I've received a robocall in Spanish and I'm sick of it.
Just got one too.  Didn't answer.  Ignored.
I got a call from this number, robo Spanish call.
Just got a call from this number. I am in school and didn't answer it. WTF?
They won't answer back.  Spam
Just received a call from this number on my cell phone!  Didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number.  I'm not sure how my cell phone number got out there . . . hope I don't start getting more and more calls like this.
Robo call in Spanish. Tried to call back but got a fast busy. Probably some bu***hit.
Wow, I'm glad this stuff is easy to find online.  They just called me, and now I know I do not care to call them back.  Thanks everyone.
Wow...I just received the same call... some Spanish speaking recording... I disconnected right away... This is crazy! I typed the unknown # ( 985 798 6464 ) in Google and was not surprised to see its another scam or something crazy... Thanks
I just got the same call. Spanish automated.
i goy that same call and called back fast busu toneee
When I answer the call it is in Spanish and then hangs up.
Got call from 985-798-6464 . i missed it.When i called back it was Switched Off. I was an Indian Number
me  acaban de llamar, no lo he cogido

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