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Reverse Phone Check:

Just got a call from there. My parents are in Cancun and they called me from their cell phone. I think it is the number that comes up from American phones in Mexico! :-) Not a fraud!
Got a call from this number and googled it and then called my friend who is on vacation in Mexico and indeed it was her. She called from her own cell phone but because of the country transfer it shows up this funny number... Good Luck!!!
My BF is in Cancun and he called me from this number to let me know he arrived.  When I asked whose number it was--he said he was calling from his own cell. So--i don't know...Maybe all calls from a certain area show up as this number.
2nd call from 998-106-9899 did not answer it 4-11-08tried to call back was told by phone company that it could not complete this international call.
i just got a call from this number(1:50 Eastern Time). Going with the Mexico theme, my friend is on spring break in Cancun this week, maybe it was him.
My Dad is in Mexico and it was him calling me. I think it's just a transfer number.
got a call?want to know where it was from, suspicious
a women called using this number. She was looking to speak to her son.
Got two calls from this number 2 hours apart, no message left on my cell
I accidentally called my friend and he is currently in Cancuon mexico. I think he tried to call me back on the hotel phone. This phone number came from the hotel that my friend is staying at in Cancoun Mexico.
i just got a call from this number...and it was my mom calling from Mexico letting me know how her trip was going :)just to put some of you at ease, i think she was using a calling this may show up when people use a calling card??
Just got a phone call from this number, tried to call back, wouldn't go through.  After reading the above msgs about 'cancun', I text'd a friend of mine, that I knew would've just landed there to see if it was him.  It was.  Somehow when he used his cell from Cancun to call me, the caller id showed up as this number.
Got a call from this number at 11:57am (Central time).. Didn't quite hear what they were saying, so I told them they had the wrong number. It was a girl, and I couldn't hear much.
REceived 3 consecutive calls from this number this evening.  No messages.  Looked it up on the international area code and found it was out of Cancun.  If you google this number it takes you to a site reporting this number being linked with an internet scam.  Also tried to call it back which ends in the "this number is no longer in service" message.  I am reporting this number to as I am supposed to be on this list.
Got a call from the same number, got a v-mail from a woman, very fuzzy. May have been my GF who's in Cancun, but I couldn't tell.  The "mexico" refs above made me think it might have been her.
Turned out it was my GF and she was calling from her own cell in Cancun. Just got a text from her a few min after the call.
Received a call on 1/7/08 about 10 minutes ago. When i asked the persons samehe said "wrong number sorry to bother you.
Received call on my cell 20 minutes ago from the above number.No message.I do have an associate in Mexico now but he would leave a message if calling all the way from Mexico.
I rec'd a phone call on 12/28/07 asking for my husband by name. I asked who was calling and the caller gave a name and said that he was in Casamel, Mexico and there was a mix-up with his luggage and my husband's. My husband was in our kitchen, not is Casamel. He's never been to Casamel. The guy asked, "So your husband isn't here in Casamel? and I said "no". Then he said "Oh, OK" and hung up.
Received call from 998 106 9899 approx 10:30 am on Nov 12th. A guy with a strong "new Joisy" accent left a message about someone owing him money. Used profanity at the end. Some kind of scam going on.

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