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2010-05-18 by LISAB
I am also on orange and just had this call?! Didnt answer it!
2010-05-18 by CK2203 replies to Maria da Costa18 May 2010had call yesterday but didn't answer and had same again today - scared to answer as more than likely someone mithering me or sales or scam - I am on Orange - no idea who this is?  CK 18052010Reply ! Mark
I am also with Orange and had many calls from this number.  I have never answered the call
2010-05-18 by Ali replies to Mark18 May 2010I am NOT on Orange but have had a couple of calls from this number so I dont think its restricted to Orange customersReply ! dillybob
i am on orange and this has been phoning me for the last couple of days but havent answered it .
2010-05-17 by whatever replies to Jen17 May 2010had this. also on orange, just missed the call. no dial tone when i rang it backReply ! Kerry replies to Maria da Costa17 May 2010I have just answerd a call off this number - I am also on Orange! It was a welsh lady who a
this called me 2 mins agoim on orange
2010-05-17 by Jen
Had 6 more calls since i answered this call on 14th. I'm going to call Orange now. It's getting stupid. I'm just noting back to say DON'T ANSWER IT OR THEY WILL KEEP CALLING YOU BACK LIKE THEY HAVE WITH ME!!! Call Orange. It's obviously something to do with them and the more complaints they get the more they will do to fix it.
2010-05-15 by Jen
Snap, and i'm on Orange to. Had it a few times last couple days, 14th and 15th. I ansewred it though, there's some wierd kind of robot voice at the other end, for anyone who wanted to know. It was REALLY broken up though so don't know. I'd say just ignore it, some scammers in Nigeria probably.
2010-05-14 by Stevo
Right, had a call from this yesterda 13th May (can't remember time)had another missed call from it today (14th May) at 14:08I'm in the UK too, on Orange networkAbsolutely no idea what it is...
2010-05-14 by Stevo replies to Blueclouduk14 May 2010I'm not sure this is based on an international code as that would equate to the phone number being '1'which doesn't seem correct,Reply ! Ads
I've had 4 calls over the last two days.Not picking up in case it costs me a fortune.Orange network.Has anyone answered this call?
2010-05-14 by gloomywood
I had a call from this number an hour ago. I'm also on Orange UK...Didn't answer it as its not a normal number format - but would like to know who it is!!
2010-05-14 by col
i had this today but no way was answering it, got one about an hour ago..wont be answerin it, also orange so suspect its to with them
2010-05-14 by Ads
Just tried to get Orange customer services to barr this number - no bloody help at all. Their suggestion - change my phone number, or barr ALL calls from your phone. Dicks!!
2010-05-13 by Blueclouduk
Was playing a game on my iPhone when this number interrupted play. It's obvously not a valid phone number but kind of strange that I'm not the only person getting called. The time and date were 11:38 on 13 May 2010.
2010-05-13 by Blueclouduk replies to Blueclouduk13 May 2010PS. 504 is the international dialling code for Honduras.Reply ! Ahmad
The number tried to call me 3 times now, I live in UK.
2009-11-30 by Maria da Costa
3 days i am get calling from this number, what is that?

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