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2010-07-08 by G.J. van der Poel
Heb 2 x een tel  gehad van dit nummer, maat niet opgenomen.Komt dit uit Peru?
2010-07-07 by Sébastien
I received a call from this number too. The call was transfered on my mobile phone and the number was wrote like this +32516440003. Tonight on my office phone he was wrote like this : 00516440003. !!! I don't understand... Surely telemarketing. I'm from Belgium near Liège and I'm too on Robinson list !
2010-07-05 by patricia replies to janick5 Jul 2010Same for me, this number called me three time  this morning without leaving a message on the answer machine or speaking if I pick off the phone.I'm in Switzerland...Reply ! Michel replies to Cole5 Jul 20106 ou 7 fois d
A company called Brissac called me for several days 4 to 5 times a day ! I told  them I will record their call They hang up...
2010-07-02 by stéphane replies to hanakinn30 Jun 2010je reçois également depuis 2 semaines des appels de ce numéro. Je ne décroche jamais mais ils s'obstinent à rappeler . Par contre, je pense que c'est toujours le mêm nombre de sonneries avant l'arrêt donc
Moi aussi, je reçois des appels de ce numéro mais le préfixe varie parfois.De quoi s'agit-il? C'est du harcèlement!
2010-06-30 by Nancy replies to Anna4 May 2010Je reçois également des appels de ce numéro plusieurs fois par jour depuis quelques jours.Pourtant je suis inscrite sur la liste Robinson.Reply ! Nancy replies to Anna4 May 2010I receive several calls a day for 4 days. Ev
They called today and already before 1 week...I live in east-belgium
2010-04-22 by Anna
Me too just got 2 calls today from that number. Noone is answering. So even not bothering to pick up the phone for this number.
2010-04-05 by Frrrrr
00516440003this nimber call me several times a day...what to do ?
2010-04-05 by H
I have also recived calls from this number without leaving any message, latest today. I am living in Belgium.
2010-04-03 by Grizzli
This number keeps calling twice or three times a day without leaving any message, and it began about ten days ago. I'm in Brussels, Belgium.I wonder who it can be !
2010-03-30 by JD
I got a call from this number too. I have no idea who they are. I don't speak French, so could not understand them. Told them I don't speak French, but she just kept speaking. So I hung up. Sadly, I'm sure they will keep calling.
2010-03-29 by feierkrop replies to Cole24 Mar 2010Got several calls from this number tooReply ! Gitan
have   tried  to locate  this  number unsuccessfully,  just wish someone  could  stop  this "  company"  to  call,  since they  do not  even  leave  a message on  the  answering machine. Am in  Belgium .
2010-03-24 by Cole
Anyone else getting calls from this number?

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