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2010-04-08 by Bonnie replies to Tim7 Apr 2010Got the same sms, about an hour ago, damm and there I thought I was special, yes I did call the no, R10 a call. Same song Bryan Adams....Reply ! Mudau
I'm from SA as well as got the sms on my birthday but only saw the mess days later & as I received numerous calls on my birthday from overseas thought it was one of my friends so I called from not sure having read your questions if that was the smart thing to wait now and see if there's a bill to be paid or not.
2010-04-07 by Stephen
Yes another SMS that wastes my time , I'm sure Cell C are behind this, I'm in SA and on Cell C contract but moving very soon to MTN.
2010-04-05 by Pru replies to S2 Apr 2010I got the same message, and i am also with Cell C. I bought R20 airtime. I knew immediately that there was someting wrong. Cell C should have an answer for this. I'm also in South AfricaReply ! Tim
Thank you google.  Same as everyone else SA, Cell C.
2010-04-02 by Justin replies to Shelley1 Apr 2010Just got the same message a few minutes ago and this must be a scam. It is most likely a premium service number where they bill you a LOT for the call... which is why you should not call.Reply ! Zakyra replies to Justin1
I got the same message from 006703307552 . I think it's Albania dial-in code .It's definitely a scam because  I have no "secret admire" in Albania . Don't call it !
2010-04-02 by Anne
Got the same message.  However I just had to do it.  I phoned the number and it took R50 bucks of my phone in one shot.  Never got the result because airtime was finished.  However I am also with Cell C
2010-04-02 by S
Also just got the mesage and the first thing i thought is that its a scam but its realy weird uhat its only cel c subscribers geting it are they seling our numbers
2010-03-31 by Visssh replies to rads30 Mar 2010@Rads, I got exactly the same message. Except that I called. I listened to the song, it was by Bryan Adams "Everything I do..." I did it out of curiosity. But i never let the song finish playing, then i hung up. It's proba
Hi everyone. I'm also from SA, just got the SMS a few minutes ago. I think this is definitely a scam of some kind because there are errors in the language and spelling e.g. "secret admire" instead of "secret admirer".
2010-03-31 by Queen
im in SA and the exact thing happened to me..I called the number out of curiosity and there was a voice prompt, please seclect one to listen to the song...It was Bryn Adams, singing the first verse the the voice prompt again...Press 2 to leave a message for your secret admrer...
2010-03-31 by Shelley
I got the sms too.  Glad I googled it and found all these responses, otherwise I may have fallen into this scam.  It must definitely be a scam.  But where are they getting our cell phone numbers from.  This is the second time I've been targeted with a cellphone scam.
2010-03-29 by Louis replies to Lilith29 Mar 2010Also a South African, same sms, googled the area code, seems there is no country with that area code.  If it is a code that is just not well publicised it should be close to China or Thailand... somewhere in the far east
I haven't given out my number recently so I really have no clue where they'd have gotten my number... im just curious to know what it's about? I didn't phoen the number, has anyone else phoned it? What did it say?
2010-03-26 by Lilith
I got it too... I'm from South Africa. Anyone call the number? It's an international number I'm sure.. but I don't know which country... so strange...
2010-03-24 by Lemuel
I got the same sms, where are you from? south africa?
2010-03-23 by rads
i got this sms stating 'a song has been send to you by a secret admire, to listen to the song and find out who it is call 006703308005.' i dont have a clue what they want but i am not calling!

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