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2010-07-20 by rob replies to Dave19 Jul 2010I have cancelled my vodafone contract and switched to another supplier so let them waste their time  calling me as my contract expires on the 5th of august and I have no intentions of answering it.Reply ! Pete
Yeah, Cancelled my vodafone contract yesterday.
2010-07-06 by this is god
oh m y god!!!! a conspiracy!!!! you bastards
2010-07-06 by this is god
and i canceled a vodafone contract a couple days ago
2010-06-30 by Mr Whippy
I can concur with everyone else on herecancelled a Vodfone contract last week and this number rang me twice today approx 14.30 and 18.30, I answered after approx 2 rings and they hung upIs this supposed to encourage me to have a contract with them in the future? Surely there is a brain cell within their marketing strategy that realises people can look up numbers on a site such as this!?!?
2010-06-22 by customer
Got a call from 008080024636? Report it and awaiting answerI pick up but now one there.
2010-06-21 by Voadafone are crap
Thakns for the info guys.. I kept getting called from it, and can't just be coincidence I have also ended a contract with them.i know who to complain to now.
2010-05-26 by rick replies to Angie25 May 2010when you call them back it comes up number not in useuReply ! Chris
I've had loads from this number. I've not answered any because i don't trust the dodgy looking number.I've recently cancelled a contract with Vodafone so it could be them phoning. It's obvious that this strange looking number is putting people off from answering. I only answer calls from numbers that i am familliar with. Best way!
2010-05-03 by james
i want to knw who call me
2010-04-30 by Angie
I have had two calls from this number. The caller just hangs up, so if they don't really want to talk, why are they calling. I am wondering if it's a ploy to get you to call them back, and would be a costly call. I would really be interested to know who the number belongs to, weather it's a person, or company.
2010-04-30 by Dave
It's Vodafone!! They will keep calling untill you answer.......Trust me i work there
2010-04-26 by Yumbolina replies to Telbo22 Apr 2010Ah! I wondered who it might be! I thought it might be a dodgy scam but I canceled my Vodafone contract a couple of days ago so they are probably calling to do some last minute grovelling. Thanks to everyone for sheddin
I keep getting these calls,and so contacted vodafone,who informed me it's FEDEX,asked if I had ordered anything from the internet,which I hav'nt.I think its a scam,no one answers the call.dont try to ring it back just delete it and then block it on your mobile.
2010-04-26 by L Ho
This caller calls me up to 6 times a day, trying to sell me a mobile contract. When I called back someone from Yellow Pages answers!
2010-04-20 by Telbo
yes it is defo vodaofone doing a courtesy call, knock the first zero off the number and you can call it back!
2010-04-16 by Steven
who the hell is this, got two calls this morning answered third and they hung up?? anyone find anything out?
2010-04-16 by Amz
Its Vodafone, they keep ringing me but I keep missing their call. Its definitely vodafone because I emailed them with a query a couple of days ago, and they emailed back telling me that I would be getting a call from that number!
2010-04-15 by Duncan
This number keeps ringing throughout the day and if you answer it hangs up??Any ideas about this???
2010-04-14 by Rich
Called, unknown number

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