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2010-04-27 by jamie toyne
had a call from the above number. didn't answer it as it looked from another country and after reading the forum i am pleased i didn't.just thought i'd report they have attempted a call to my vodafone number and are still scamming
2010-04-27 by KT
I too am being called by this number - is there anyone we can report it to?  I haven't answered it and don't plan to!
2010-04-27 by Al
I also had a missed call from this number today - tried to ring it back but it wasn't recognised.
2010-04-24 by Ange replies to doug23 Apr 2010I have been getting calls constantly from this number all week.  They are calling my home number while I am at work.  I googled the number and this site came up.Reply ! steve6690
Just had a call from the same number. They've tried 3 or 4 times over the last couple of weeks but this is the first time I've actually answered. He said he was from Vodafone. I refused to answer the security questions for him and politely explained why. He got quite shirty and asked me to phone 191 to verify his identity (strange ?). I asked him what the purpose of his call was and he said "I can't confirm that" and promptly hung up. I phoned 191 and Vodafone deny anyone from their organisation has called me today.
2010-04-23 by doug
called me at work, not for the first time, I never answer calls from 0800 or any others as I can be bothered to waste my breath with these people.
2010-04-21 by John
I got this at 15.24 any ideas?
2010-04-21 by MR P
Missed call today from 008080044489 no voicemail left so checked it out online, looks like a number from abroad.  When vodafone call me usually only a 5 digit number shows!
2010-04-20 by beatle
Got 2 calls from this number today,  answered both times but there was nobody on the other side and it then disconnected. Be weary and vigilent.
2010-04-19 by tekky
Just had a call from this number so I Google'd it and got this website!!  Claimed to be Vodafone and said they'll call back later....said it was a courtesy call etc... very dodgy!!
2010-04-16 by toadfish
Just had a call from these guys claiming to be Vodafone, very skeptical as other people have.  They wanted to know if everything was 'fine' with my contract, which it is.They asked me for the first line of my address which I refused to give them, although I should've maybe given them a fake address and see if they took it.
2010-04-16 by heathern
just had a call from this number. tried calling it back - and it's a dead line
2010-04-16 by cgreg
Ive also had this number ring me today, the first time i had a call i didnt answer because i thought it looked like a strange number then they rung me a couple of hours later so i answered it was a dead line then they hung up on me! very strange!!!!i am also vith vodafone so maybe someone has got all our details from them some how but i certainly wont be giving any details out to whoever they are.
2010-04-15 by jenny
I've had 3 missed calls from this number now.  They keep calling when i'm at work, very annoying.
2010-04-14 by Kudos replies to Jimbob9 Apr 2010yea it's a weird number too can't work out the area code or anythingReply ! KJ
Just received a call. Gent offered me an additional contract and when I declined offered me mobile broadband. Said he was from Vodafone, but wondered if it really was, or if it was some 3rd party just claiming.
2010-04-14 by steve
This number 008080044489  is from another country to start with. When quizzed they said they was Vodafone but bewarned there not. Your mobile number is on a database and basicly a not so friendly calls a number and you will get a period of silence should you answer. Ive already upset them by saying No Comment when they start asking about my mobile contract when quizzed them further they hung up. This has now happened 3 times todate the latest being today. Beware dont discuss your contract.
2010-04-09 by Kudos
Called at 13:40 on 9th April 2010.Missed it as phone's on silent while I'm at work.Odd looking number though
2010-04-09 by Jimbob
I too have just had a call from the same number. Missed it as I am in workdate: 09/09/10time: 1:35pmVery strange, as Google didn't return any results for the number
2010-04-09 by Jimbob
Sorry, date is wrong. They called on 09/04/10

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