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Did you get a call from 02920381900? Read the posts below to find out details about this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.

2008-03-12 by James
Just spoke to this number and is definatley the army careers office so stop worrying paranoid people
2008-03-07 by J
Yesw they are a company who are employed by some charities and government people to make calls on their behalf. I just got a call from them and i answered it and it was to do with an enquirey i made recently to the Army, they're not anything dodgey, nothing to worry about.
2008-03-04 by Sam
I got a call from this number today, which i missed.  I rang it back as i dodn't know who it was.  I got a voice message saying they were a marketing company doing surveys on the behalf of some charities etc.Who knows????
2008-03-03 by helen
Just got a call 4/3/08 17:50, asking for my 16 year old son, told them he wasn't in and they hung up before i could ask who these people are. I find this a bit concerning, anybody worked out who they are yet??
2008-02-27 by AQ
Got a missed call from this 26/2/08 at 20.00 hours - no message or nothing!
2008-02-26 by Jo
called again yesterday and once today. When will they stop?!
2008-02-26 by Sami
Just had a call from this number and a pre recorded message stated that this company works on behalf of Charities, Agency and Businesses and the call was not urgent and they will call back at a later date!Very strange...It never tells you the company name??? Why?
2008-02-25 by Jo
called me today at 11.09am. was a missed call and they left no message. not the first time
2008-02-25 by Jonny
Just had a call from this lot. Wanted to confirm my details for their you do.Recited my postcode correctly and wanted to know if my job title was still the same, I confirmed is was and then she said thank you and terminated the call. Very strange...
2008-02-22 by Ian
Called my girlfriends mobile and my house phone asking for me, but not my mobile. Phoned back and got told it was a non urgent call for a marketing department for a charity or government agency.Told me they would call me back at another time.Very odd
2008-02-21 by Dave
called me, never answered, gingers
2008-02-18 by Lee
Got called at 20.10 - really odd time! No message, somewhere in Cardiff.
2008-02-14 by Sarah
I have been called twice in the last 2 days, once at 10:50am and once at 10:00am.  No message was left & I have no idea who it was except 02920 is a Cardiff number.
2008-02-13 by Craig
got called twice tonight left no message
2008-02-12 by Andy
Called me tonight.  Didnt answer the call as the number looked dodgy.  No idea who it is
2008-02-11 by Sarah
Who are these people? I have had a number of missed calls from them over the last 3 weeks or so and they never leave a message....
2008-02-07 by Dom
Had two missed called and rang back, hung up within 2 seconds when I heard the word "marketing" but it was too late to save £10 of my phone credit.
2008-02-07 by laura
its rung me the past 2 nights and iv never answered it n it was really annoyin 2 who it was!
2008-02-06 by Jonathan
Me too, at 12.26 pm. no message either.
2008-01-31 by xo
called but no message?

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