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Did you get a call from 0390385700? Read the posts below to find out details about this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.

2008-10-30 by Sam
I am constantly receiving calls from this number and like the number of people who have previously made comments, the caller hangs up.  When I have tried to call back the number is busy...
2008-10-29 by jer
Another interstater here, SA. I've never used or even heard of this ambulance service.  sounds like a possible phishing scam to me, especially if they're asking for card numbers
2008-10-23 by Al
Been called by this number for the last two days and I live in Qld so what really gives?  Do not plan to phone back but now won't answer either.  Will see how long this goes on for.
2008-10-13 by Matt
Interesting, same caller for me today. I've done a Google search and it's a popular number. I checked Telstra's databases and apparantly it's not connected. It is supposed to be sourced from Sunshine.
2008-10-09 by Laura
same as above.
2008-10-06 by rudy29392
Just got a call from the number everyone is complaining about, but they told me they were from citibank!  WTF.  The lady said her name was Vivianne.
2008-10-02 by Chloe Jones
I have been getting no stop calls from this number and is driving me insane. I know I need to renew my membership, no I don't want to do it over the phone, I'll wait till I get the notice in the mail then pay it at the post office. But no one listens to that. The action they are taking actually violates Consumer Laws. I mean I'm a doctor and when my phone rings I expect it could be a patient or something important and not Ambulance Victoria. I'm busy and don't need their stupid calls!
2008-09-02 by bejs
Thanks so much for this info, I had been wondering for the past few days who this is... it all makes sense now.I'd prefer to think that the ambulance victoria organisation would be more inclined to lower prices, provide better services or even pay their employees more as opposed to bugging me about a renewal that I had already been phoned about (and declined). Especially when they're paying for a system that's, no doubt, very costly and apparently completely useless.
2008-08-28 by vcr
I too have been receiving calls on my mobile, with no answer at the other end.Today received a call on my home phone from this number, and the the caller identified themselves as Ambulance Victoria.  Yes I have forgotten to pay and was told that membership could be renewed over the phone, by return mail or by bpay at the post office.  Maybe a quick note to Ambulance Victoria along with your renewal, stating that they are registered as a nuisance caller may stop these problems for others.
2008-08-13 by Ral
Ahhhhhhhh so thats who it is! I happen to have my renewel for Ambulance Victoria outstanding... and lo and behold I have been getting these missed calls from that same very number too! What a pain.... why dont they leave a message and leave it up to me to call back rather than bombard with persistent phone calls..... Just phoned Ambulance Victoria... told them that there are lots of people complaining about the phone calls and that it is in their best interest to stop trying to get people to renew by harrassing them.... they, of course, seemed disinterested in what I had to say.
2008-08-11 by Jensta
I get up to 5 calls a day from this number!!! And have been for the last month or more!! I've tried ringing them back a number of times but always get a busy signal. If it is Ambulance Victoria, I think its hilarious that they would waste money on ringing people to renew! I mean, the fact is, renewal prices are EXACTLY the same as if your joining for the first time! So if your late in renewing, then just rejoin! Its of no cost benefit from what I can see to pay by renewal final notice time other than if you need an ambulance during a period of no cover :-s .... I must admit I'm bloody sick of that number ringing and harassing me. Surely this in itself is a crime???
2008-07-29 by w
I got called from this number as well. When I anwsered it, there is no voice. It stopped for couple of days last week, but came back this week. Whether I should go to change a number?
2008-07-18 by Frank Gobbo
That number just called and left a message. It was for Ambulance membership in Victoria.FG
2008-06-30 by n
I had a call from this number today. My Ambluance renewal notice arrived while I was overseas. It had expired 2 days before I got back...I dont know what day it arrived but since the person collecting my mail for me didnt open it I can only guess it arrived a few days before it was due. I just got the 'final notice' 3 days ago which says I must pay by the due date..the due date was still the original date so I havent paid it.I was talking to someone on the weekend who works at Rural Ambulance Victoria and she said I have 28 days from the due date to pay it so dont stress if yours is late like mine was.I think the above caller was legit, put as you can pay on the website I wont be paying over the phone if they ring again
2008-06-12 by Lozdog
I had received 3 phone calls today from the 0390385700 number that i missed, when i tried to return the call i got a busy tone. So today i decided to google it, and thats how i got to here, on this forum. Now ironically whilst i was typing these comments, low and behold i received a call from 0390385700 at 1337pm. I answered and was surprised when i heard a voice ask for me (first name and surname), it turned out to be Ambulance Services Victoria, ringing in regards to a missed renewal subscription (which is correct). I had been waiting for the renewal to arrive via the post, and it had not. The caller told me, that they had swapped computer database and telecommunication software and had been experiencing some "teething Problems", in regards to missed renewals. Now the caller had all the right details, my address, date of birth, renewal date, type of membership and family members, he did ask if i would like to pay via credit card over the phone, which i declined, and asked for the renewal to arrive. I'll keep you posted, as if it arrives, well the call may be legit, if it doesnt it may be someone who has discovered a database or two.
2008-06-05 by Jessie
Have been getting 2,3 calls a day from these guys for the past few days. They seem to call around the same time each day and I haven't answered, so hopefully they give up soon.
2008-05-31 by r
Just received the same myself.  Missed call from this number.
2008-05-27 by p
Recently getting calls from 0390385700. When I answer the line goes dead. I tried ringing back but get the engaged signal. It doesn't bother me that much, but it is a nuisance.I can't block a specific incoming number. If anyone knows how to fix this, that would be great. Thanks. p
2008-05-16 by j
0390385700 frequently getting calls from this  same number, i havn't actually answered the call though....they call every couple of days...weird to find this
2008-04-26 by Patti
0390385700 frequently getting calls from this number then no one answers

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