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2011-01-26 by j. Jones
I recieved a message, which I saved on my voice mail saying that they were officer Charlie Mason, and I had to pay 5000.00, and they were coming to my house or job to take me in downtown. How do I get this person not to call me again from this number , or any????
2011-01-19 by Detective Austin Police, Austin Texas
This is a complete phone scam.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY.  IT sound like the same person trying to disguis his voice. He calls from a phone number 052-664-410, then leave a message to call him back at another phone number that does not belong to him.  He calls saying he is a debit collector for Cashenet or another company. He uses the names of Charile, Chris Williams, Anthony Wells, and Frank Wilson. If you get a call from this person, please report it to your state's Attonery Generals Office and made a local police report.  The issue right now is finding out where the calls are coming from. Thank You for listening.  Please report this scammer.
2011-01-18 by Alaina
My friend received the same exact phone call, from Charlie Mason who says he is an officer of the law and that she had 3 cybercrime counts against her.  I told her it sounds like a scam, and she asked him several questions and he hung up.Total scam, don't be fooled.
2011-01-13 by Ana replies to Courtney12 Jan 2011I received the same call but they said it was from capitalone, I can tell it was a scam especiall when i asked to speak to someone in california. I am curious to know how they knew my work place and everything.Reply ! Sam
I got a call from somebody claiming to be from a collection agency threatening the same thing, foreign accent, from the 052 number giving a 425 area code phone number for call back which nobody answers.  He said it was from Cash Net and that I should get my attorney because I would be served at work along with my boss and he had the names of two of my family members.  He also mentioned the Sheriff's Department.  This is a total scam, do not be fooled!
2011-01-11 by Courtney
I was at work and some man name Charlie Mason say that there is a lawsuit against me and that in two hours they were going to call me boss and come pick me up from work and hold me there so I can be process for a bail of 5,000. I asked from who and they said Cash Net. I have dealt with the loan on the computer before but i paid it all back already. That's wy it sound fishy. So, when they called me the called me from a (052)664-410 number and told me to call them back on a (425)606-3034 number and I called and they didn't answer and then they called me back from the (052) number. I spoked to person you can tell by the foreign accent and I ask so many question He hung up. So becarefull everyon cause they got me once and i will never be tricked again.

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