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2009-03-31 by Jen
i get about 5 calls a day from this number, i answered once and it was n power io told them i wasnt interested but they still call!
2009-03-24 by sarah
same number keeps calling is it a scam?????
2009-03-18 by Allen
Had a call today from that number but i missed the call.I rang the number back and there was a recorded message on behalf of npower asking if i wanted to remove my number from their marketing list.Here's the weird thing , i didn't ring them with my number .I used a payphone and a bt talk phone .
2009-02-21 by Steve
I come home to about 14 missed calls a day and 08006121526 makes up 9 of the calls!!!! Even had 2 missed calls from them at 16:04 today!!! (Saturday)
2009-02-21 by Steve
Just called it from a work phone in my home office and it is a recorded announcement on behalf of Npower - option 1 to remove yourself from the marketing listI am ex directory and off any and all lists so I would like to know where they got my number from, Now I remember why I unplugged my landline!!!
2009-02-18 by marion
I received a call today after 7pm asking for my partner the person responsible of the gas&electricity bill. I said he was busy and asked them to call back in 10 minutes and they never called back.I don't which supplier it was but funnily enough my partner was talking to an Npower rep who rang at the door at the exact same time...Is it as scam or definitely Npower??
2009-01-29 by Stacey
I've had calls from this number every day for the past 2 weeks. Most of the time it's silence or i've missed the call and got it off 1471. Yesterday there was someone there who told me they were from npower and wanted to give me a quote on my gas and electricity. Told them i was absolutely not interested as i'm happy with my current deal. They still rang again today.
2009-01-28 by hev
this number calls up to 5 times a day and everytime its silence how do they get hold of the numbers as we are unlisted
2009-01-27 by Chris
bah 08006121526 called again, silence.
2009-01-15 by Sarah Parmenter
They have done the same to me, persistently ringing and then when I answered they asked for a Mr Cam, when I said there was no one here by that name he said "ok I'll call back another time" before I could say "well there's no point calling back another time as there's no one here by that name" - he'd hung up the phone. Who are these people?
2009-01-15 by Han
got a missed call from this number earlier in the day but they didn't leave a message. they just phoned again this evening trying to sell stuff. cheaper energy or something.
2009-01-14 by Chris
I've had 2 calls this week on my office number (which I rarely give out).
2009-01-13 by Dee
I got a call from this number but, never answered it, cause I was drying my dog's feet. I know people who've had this number call them before and it's definitely a scam. Sometimes they talk to you in a weird voice and asking for the home owner and other time they just keep saying you have not paid your mortgage. That happened to my bestfriend's parents and they were renting a house at the time and had not owned a mortgage in 2 years.
2009-01-13 by Andy
They just call me again, Any idea what it is yet?
2009-01-12 by andy
This number just called me and didn't leave a message - any idea what it is yet?
2009-01-12 by andy
This number just called me and didn't leave a message - any idea what it is yet?
2009-01-08 by AP
I got a call from this number on my landline on the 6th january. As soon as i'd said 'hello' i heard a male voice say 'ok hang up' like he was directing the person who'd made the call. I don't want to ring back to find out what they're up to, of course, as i'm worried i'll fall victim to some sort of scam!
2008-12-17 by jodie
The man said "Is there a Miss smith there?" but i said they weren't in at the moment and he said "okay i'll phone back another time", then i hung up.
2008-12-16 by MK
i've had 4 calls from this number in the last 2 days.  as soon as i answer the phone, they put the phone down at their end - perhaps wanting me to call them back?  but no-one says anything on the other end of the line
2008-11-24 by MG, Manchester
Just had a call from this number. The caller asked for my partner, I explained that it was a bit late. Before I had chance to ask what the call was about the caller hung up.

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