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2010-02-22 by Annoyed Victoria
AVOID THIS COMPANYI applied for a loan with them, had to pay about £70 for a phone call which I could 'get the money back for'.I sent them my bill to a dodgy freepost address, and heard nothing back, and I didn't even get the loan!!STAY AWAY
2010-02-09 by Toni
After trying a few comapanys for best qoutes I have also found myself to be in this trap saying they had the better deal. The call was also 150 per min but it was refundable and the address was CDF FREEPOST .  Trying to remember if they gave me a postcode , but they didn't . I'm now going to try the two address from Brad and CDF (HORIZAN FINANCE). And will let you now of the outcome
2010-01-23 by rachel
ihad a call from them on 21st jan as i was lookjng for a loan i thought it was from the compony that i had phoned i didn't think it sound right i phoned my compony and thay said it was't from them i did try to phone the number but must have wrote it done but thay keep ring me here the number just in case is09064001844
2010-01-08 by linnett young
i got the same phone call yesterday and i was nt sure if it was true or nt so people ure tellin me that these big companys are scaming people too and its nt right. did anyone even get there money that they were ment to b approved of. because im hearing that some of u made the phone call.
2009-12-21 by gemma
im sooo glad i looked on here before i phoned that number,thanks!!
2009-12-17 by brad (aka mug)
THIS  IS  A CONguy called me said ive been approved for a loan went through application over phone said it would cost me £1.50 per min and last no longer than 15mins and that if i sent a photo copy of my next bill to FREEPOST CFD i would get my money back, told me my application was strong and to callback in an hour on this number 0906 400 1800 to hear what companies would offer me a loan but i did some digging and found this site by chance, i never did ring them back to find out after seeing these posts, saved me about £30, i belive my details were passed on by YES LOANS after applying wiyh themI found this address to send your phone bill to, dont know if it works but according to a guy called PAUL on here it DOES, he got his money backTIP;search post to find address, phone and fax numbersHORIZON FINANCE7 ST PETERSGATESTOCKPORTCHESIRESK1 1EB
2009-10-22 by Cash Finance Direct (Horizon Finance)
if you want a refund send bill to CFDFloor 7Dale House StockportSK1 1TA
2009-09-29 by Cheryl
Hi all, yes i too have fallen hook,line and sinker to this SCAM!!!!!! I was calling around some companies getting quotes for a good loan to put towards my wedding next year, and one of these MUPPETS called me saying that "we can get you a loan without paying an admin fee (which i thought was great) just that i had to call back this 090 number and that i would cost £1.50 and the call lasts for APPROX 15 MINS, then i had to call back another number to find out if successful.DON'T CONTACT THESE T**TS, EVER.!!!
2009-09-23 by Denise Taylor
This phone number was given to me online when i was searching on my daughters behalf for a loan. My daughter phoned them once and was told to phone back again at about 1.15pm to be given a decision about her loan application. I have received my BT Phone bill this week of which i have been charged £20.29 for the first time my daughter phoned them, and another £13.79 for the second call i made. But i never got a decision on a loan. The woman on the phone gave me a reference number, address and phone number and told me to send in a copy of my phone bill and i would be refunded all of the money i paid to this company.
2009-08-18 by Kylie Jones
ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!!
2009-07-11 by michelle
i had that from tht nmbrfromaloas comapny desan on knowthat yu cansendin your hone bill adhave it refunded...el i canot remeber the adres doesne one know?
2009-06-25 by Steve
Just had a call from these cowboys, told them my wages were £500 a month, I paid £300pm for my car and £350pm off my credit card. They said I was approved for a £23.5k loan to buy a watch I'd seen on Ebay!Foe anyone else that wants to complain about these muppets their details are:Cash Finance Direct (Horizon Finance)(FIN-CAS-120666)7 St Petersgate , Stockport, Cheshire, SK1 1EB    * Phone: 0161-246 0237    * Fax: 0161-246 0242
2009-06-19 by cheesed off lass
i was looking through my bills as i wondered why my money had gone so quick from my bank and i came across this number and thought it was my housemate ringing catalogues. i remember recieving calls for my housemate reguarding a loan application but i cant remember the company they said, so i can only presume he has called them back reguarding this and thats why its on my bill costing me £22 for that 1 call.does anyone know if i can claim this money back or shud i just charge my housemate for it (i already asked for the money for it)
2009-05-15 by phil drake
dont do it, its a clever money making scam
2009-05-15 by Dubious
Had a call from a company called cash finance direct, went through my details, then said that I'd been approved for a loan and that I had to call 09064001870 at a rate of £1.50pm to finalise the terms/rates of the loan etc.  They said that the money can be transferred witin 24hrs, blah, blah, blah!  Also said that if I decide to accept/reject the loan offer I will have to send my itemised phone bill to claim the moneyback.  Said that I had to send bill to "freepost cfd".  That sounds like a doddgy address too!I'm very dubious about these companies as I work for a telecom company that specialises in call center dialling systems.  I know exactly how they work and how they share your details around.  Having read some of the above comments, I'm now worried about being charged for the INCOMING call that I took - was from a a Withheld number, not the 0906 number.  In theory I shouldn't really be charged unless I call the number myself!
2009-03-31 by stu
this company is called  C.F.D the charge  1.50 per minute of a max  of 15 min call  x 2 as u have to call back on another number to get ur decetion to get the money back send them an itemised phone bill with there number highligted and they shud refund the money if not  folow this link to there sister company  and report them to trading standards (
2009-03-17 by Jason
I have just got a call from this number too. they said a recent application for a loan had been approved and i needed to call this number to provide my bank details to get the money transfered. Im glad I checked it here first. Thanks guys
2009-02-13 by matthew
call made by a friend to a loan company we got the bill it was 40 pounds trying to trace the company she rang (she cant remember)
2008-11-23 by Susan
Just found two very expensive phone calls on my bill from this number.  I didn't take the call but my son did.  I've been billed almost £40 for the two calls.
2008-11-19 by junior
they say they are a loan company and you have to call them to get a decision the call lasts for more than 15mins charged at between 1.50 and 2 pounds. does anone know this number

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