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2010-03-02 by Josh jolley
I been getting it to im with T-mobile and My cricket phone is getting it to and i am about to start b***h! I think its some scan or something like that? But its about to piss me off!
2010-02-23 by B M
i have been getting this same message. it repeats itself with n:m=3=1. this is so crazy and i want it to stop. anyone know whats up?!?!. i have tmobile also. has anyone gotten anyother messages from a similar number?
2010-02-22 by S XIONG
WTH IS THIS NUMBER...10476000000
2010-02-22 by solution.
According to Tmobile, you have to send OFF to 8762 in order for these messages to stop. I also have been recieveing several of these msgs daily for the past few days. Hopefully this works for you. Goodluck.
2010-02-21 by P R
I keep getting texts from this number a few times a day and it is pretty annoying. It comes with a formula like n:m=2=1 0r n:m=1=1
2009-12-29 by cr
I get messages from this all day every day.  It's the second Motorola phone this has happened with. I have t-mobile and they don't know how to stop it.  I'm sick of it.
2009-12-25 by Tamara
What the h--- is 10476000000 and why does this number text in several times a day???? I can't get rid of it.  Help!!
2009-12-17 by Annoyed
i have been receiving text messages several times a day from this number. the text message reads n:m=1=51, i am will tmobile also.
2009-11-25 by mahfuz
i get dat dumb s**t 2
2009-11-09 by eve
i have t-mobile as well..i am SICK of these stupid texts that don't mean anything...i called t-mobile..i logged into my online account and she had me click on "profile" then click on "communication preferences" and "opt out" off all messages for phone text etc..this only blocks unsolicited messages not from friends in your address book...said it would take up to 72 hours to is only 24 hours..if it doesn't work i will come back and post something by wednesday...
2009-11-05 by Ladoris
Can anyone tell me how to stop receiving this text message ?
2009-10-19 by Ardi
I get these text messages at odd hours in the evening. I also am a T- Mobile customer.Weird encrypted messages
2009-09-13 by cubanqt
This is a message you get everytime you receive email.  Call tmobile, transfer to the technical support team, let them know you have a consumer email account you want to disable.  that will stop the messages. :)
2009-08-19 by Kayla
I'm with tmobile, and i've been getting a text from 10476000000 saying n:m=1=1...i called tmobile and they don't know what to do...i'm so sick of getting this message
2009-08-13 by Alex
Some random formula got it through text.
2009-08-06 by Louise
I just got a blank text from this number. I have T-Mobile, as well.
2009-08-02 by sheyna
wow i get the same thing n;m=1=1  im with  t mobile also and i when to buy a new phone today and it start doing that texte evry 1 hrs its silly nobody know????
2009-07-16 by EK
Has anyone figured this out yet? Mine just started when I had to go back to using an old cell and I thought it might be a prob with the phone. Could it be a garbled message from the service provider? I'm with T-Mobile, anyone else that's getting this message with T-Mobile too?
2009-07-07 by Bahra Stanisic
got text message for two days from same phone.with some kind of formula n:m=1=1
2009-05-31 by paul
keeps texting me

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