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2008-10-15 by darryll
I receive several calls per day from this number at my business and no one is there when I pick up.  I tried calling the number and can't do so as the number won't go through a dialing cycle without getting a message that the number cannot be completed as dialed from the phone I am using ...which is my office phone.
2008-10-01 by Sammy
I will not tolerate this and neither should anyone else. I will seek some action if it continues. You can file communication harrasment on these people.
2008-09-18 by StarCarlton
This number keeps coming up on my caller id for the company RuggedThug.comToo bad the world sucks and you can't stop crap like this.
2008-09-18 by StarCarlton
Just to clarify the above comment - they are calling the company Rugged Thug - the bad number is not from Rugged Thug.They must be trying to pull identity scams
2008-08-29 by powerslave
I get calls on our office phone from this number and they always hang up. My cell number used to be in the yellow pages as I used to use it as my business number so they called it also. A man with an accent told me he was from the yellow pages and needed to update my info. He asked my name and I gave it to him. He then asked for my DATE OF BIRTH! I told him I would not give him my birth date and he hung up. SCAM!!!!!!! On the land line it came up as 163-165-3300. On my cell it came up as 1-631-653-3000.
2008-08-29 by powerslave
Update: According to, 1-631-653-3000 is from Quogue, NY in Suffolk County, Long Island. I don't know why it comes up as 163-165-3300 on my land line yet it comes up as 1-631-651-3000 on my cell phone. Identity theft!!
2008-08-25 by Naomi
This number constantly calls our office at the same time each day. I do not receive a voice, but I get a hang-up immediately but first a sound like the line is connecting.I need to find a way to get these types of telemarketer scammers to stop calling!
2008-08-15 by JCMIC
Glad to know I'm not alone! I googled the number and stumbled across this site. It's driving me crazy!!! All but one of the calls have been hangups - the one call I did get was the yellow pages thing, which I immediately hung up on. I guess I'll do the only thing I can which is call the FTC.
2008-08-14 by Business Professional
I got the call on 8-13-08.  A male with a slight forien accent identified himself as representing my local yellow pages and wanted to verify my business information.  I once worked in a telemarketing environment, and I could hear the same telemarketing business in the background noise.  He knew my street address, city, state, and zip code. Then he asked to verify my name and asked for my first name.  I told him.  Then he asked for my last name.  I asked if he was calling from India.  He said no.  Then I asked where he was calling from and he said from my city.  I told him that yellow pages does not publish in my city and does not have a call center there.  Then I asked what telephone company he was representing, and then he hung up.The following morning I got a call again from that same number, and they hung up upon me answering.The background "noise" from the call indicates that this is a very large telemarketing organization.  They are not legitimate, so if someone were to answer, just ask to be taken off the call list and DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION.I think that one reason that they call and hang up, is that our phone numbers are in that company's computer "que" and the telemarketers are evaluated on the number of calls they make per day. They probably have monitors that listen in, and the ones that do the most calling and hanging up (therefore not productive for their company) are replaced.  The ones that are able to receive the most information from calls and rewarded and retained.I called my ATT yellow pages representative, the legitimate company with which I do have a yellow pages ad, and they are aware of telemarketer scammers, but there is nothing they can do about it.
2008-08-14 by Business general manager
3 calls today and 3 yesterday from same number-all hang-upsCalled Federal Trade Commission and filed a complaint-they suggested I call the FCC too and I did.  FCC cannot do anything about it because we are a business and not residential, so-o-o apparantly the only Federal agency that can investigate is the FTC.I suggest we flood them with complaints to get this stopped. Their phone number is 877-382-4357.  Business professionals of the U.S.A. unite and b***h to the government to get this stopped!!!!!
2008-08-13 by mustang vixen
found the area code-it is from Baranovici, BelarusProbably Russian mafia scam to steal identities
2008-07-17 by annoyed
I get at least 3 calls a day from this number and usually when I answer there is a hang up. But the other day someone said they were calling to list our business in the yellow pages and I nicely asked them to not put us in there and they hung up on me! Then they just called today and didn't let me speak at first and when I told them I had already told them no and to take us off the national do not call list they hung up on me again! If they call again I am going to see if I can report them to our state's attorney office-this is not fair and they are rude!!!!
2008-07-16 by paula
I keep getting calls from this number but at first I did not pick up because it looked like a suspicious number and they would not leave a message. But after they would call 6-7 (or more) times a day I was getting fed up so I had my husband pick up when they would call back and they'd hang up. And so I picked up today when they called and nothing, just an open line sound. I'm sick of it.
2008-07-03 by Lisa
I receive a call from this number at least once a day and there is no one is on the other end. When I try to call it back it says it is a none working number
2008-06-30 by Sandra Carlo
June 30, 2008 , at 5:58 Pm in New York State, I got a phone call from a 1-163-165-03300, Who is this and why didn't they answer the phone when I answered.  I said hello three times and hung up.Do you know who this is????
2008-06-24 by clegpeg
163-165-3300 seems to be just another pain in the butt scammer/telemarketer. I don't answer any calls from numbers I do not know. I really hate what the world has come to in ways that people are hurting/using other people just for money.
2008-06-09 by Rosemary
Ditto for several calls a day.  Leaves no message.  Not a US area code.
2008-06-04 by Sue
I receive anywhere from 1-4 phone calls/day from this phone number.  I've received the calls for the last 2-4 weeks.  No one is ever on the line.
2008-05-29 by glenn
no voice 4 or5 times a day
2008-03-19 by marybeth
I have about 3-4 phone calls per day with this same number. No voice justa dial tone after me picking up.

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