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2009-05-19 by sc
i just got my cell a week ago, and 180066774363 has called me over 15 times!!! everytime i pick up their call, they hang up 5 seconds later... i don t have an hbc account... how do i make it stop?!
2009-02-24 by ed
keeps calling day and night and nobody answers
2009-01-24 by Steve
Ya it is HBC.. Im a little late on paying them $10 (minimum payment) i just havent had time to drop in and pay it.. anyway, they call me also 4-5 times a day
2009-01-09 by Jane
OMG, I just got my cell for like 5 days, and the stupid 1-800-667-4323 is keep calling me. What should I do??????
2008-12-27 by rick
damn hbc 18006674323! why they dont just send a letter instead ? i dont want to answer their calls and i wont pay the bill and it gives nothing to keep calling me. im waiting for a damn letter to give to my bankrupcy agent !
2008-12-02 by max
its a recovery agency. if any of you have this call all the time. its because someone didnt pay their credit card:)
2008-11-22 by Steve
I don't have any f***ing accounts with HBC and the c**ts keep calling me!
2008-11-15 by Jeremy
I live in Montreal Quebec , i think they are collections peopleThese people called me 5 times on Friday night from about 5pm till 9pm EST they didn't leave a message and they called again Saturday night starting 5pm i only picked up the phone once and i got a message along the lines of "please wait a representative will be with you shortly" i was put on hold and hung upthese people seem to not give up
2008-10-18 by Calgary
Afraid not Collector...they call non stop and I owe nothing.  When I spoke with them they had no idea why the system was calling me.
2008-09-16 by Collector
Pay your damn bills people and maybe we wouldn't call so much. Everything is legal. The privacy legislation does not allow us to leave messages or discuss personal info with a 3rd party contact. Paying your HBC bill on time would prevent all of this and would make my job a lot easier. Oh and incase you were wondering how many times we're legally allowed to call...7. That's right...7 times per day. So Mr.Vanvcouver...u must be very overdue.
2008-06-28 by Vanvcouver
They are the real's HBC credit services, if you are late on paying your bill..they would hound you like crazy! They use that call machine whatever u call it. As soon as someone picks up the phone it takes them about 2-3 seconds to get to you. They never leave a voice mail, they won't leave a message with anyone if your not there based on confidentiality etc.. I gave them a PIECE of my mind for calling 20x's a day with no message. My bill may have been a week or so late, but DAMN! There like f***ing blood hounds, I didn't even let them talk, I just told them where they can stick it. For them not to call if they don't intend on leaving a message. No message? Then it's not important to me...bottom line. They've put me on a NO CALL LIST...LOL. Haven't had any calls from them since.
2008-06-27 by toronto canada
it says HBC credit and they will ask for your personal info i.e. address, date of birth, etc. I believe this is fraud as I don't even have an account on them. don't give your personal info.
2008-05-21 by Jessis
this is collections calling
2008-04-18 by Laura
Keeps calling
2008-04-07 by Eddy
I received 2 calls today from this number...  (talking in french bcs I'm in Quebec)Asking for my ex, but each time I ask if wanna leave a message they say will call again...
2008-03-14 by Michael Faubert
I have 7 calls on my cell phone for the last 2 days from this number. It is also a number that I have got calls at before on my cell as well as my home number.
2008-02-16 by Bill Smith
I have been receiving calls from this number for about 3 weeks and it is getting old fast
2008-02-12 by Privacy Please
I just got a call at 9:33 a.m. EST from 732-218-3621.  It said Illinois call, but when I did a reverse lookup, it said it was a landline from NJ!!  Plus, when I answer the phone, no one talks - no one hangs up, no recorded message.  Weird and annoying!!
2008-02-02 by Annoyed
I get those all the time for the past 4 weeks.  They call like 2-3 times a day.
2008-01-22 by remillard
18006674363...keeps ringing at all times of the day and night

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