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2009-05-24 by luke
i was on face book and it told me my friends did the test so i thought it was free. but it wasnt. now i top up credit and its gone the next day. and i get messages saying insufficent funds to pay for iq test. it was from optus. but im not with optus
2009-05-22 by actionJackson
Rec'd unsolicited sms Sent complaint to*Your PIN is 3640. Pls Enter PIN & Get Ur results! Now U will get IQ Questions! U Ready? Help call 1300730820. 6.60 pmsg subscription 3pwk*From 19756789Contact your provider to verify that this is not billed to your acct.
2009-05-21 by Wayne
Same as everyone else above. My first attempt at sending STOP in capitals didn't work and the telephone number to call is alwasy engaged. I tried again to send STOP and it seemed to work as I've received back an unsubscribed reply. Time will tell.I am more angry at Facebook as the advert enticed me by listing supposed IQ results from my Facebook friends which I have found out they did not complete the test. Facebook shouldn't allow this kind of false and deceptive advertising. I am waiting on a response from my telco carrier before I then complain to both Facebook and the Telco Ombudsman.
2009-05-21 by olivia
This has caught me out too. Since the messages started arriving I can't send SMS messages to anyone so replying STOP to cut the service isn't an option. Has anyone had a problem with scam disabling their phones from sending SMS's.
2009-05-19 by Darren H
Follow on from my enntry dated 14/05/09Received another message from this number. It appears Jennifer Roberts did not cancel my subscription.  I called 1300 730 820 once again.  Spoke to another woman named Jess Richards.  While talking to her I received another sms confirming my cancellation.  As a good will gesture Jess offered me a $12.oo refund and requested my bank account details.  I was not prepared to provide this information.  If you call these people I would advise you to keep them on the phone until you receive a confirmation sms informing you of your cancellation to this subscription.  This way you have further information to provide the Telecommunications Ombudsman if you wish to take the matter further.I will give it a few more days and post another message hopefully stating "I haven't received another message".
2009-05-19 by robin
i just lost my 26 dollar from my was when i entered into the i q test on face book. i just answered some questions and entered my number in that site then my mobile balance started to reduced down to nil.i could not stop it now even i recharge my mobile balance i will get it reduced within some days. i cant stop it.???????
2009-05-14 by chris
happened to me only 10 minutes ago. i sent stop. I'll post again soon to see if it does
2009-05-13 by Darren H
got sucked in and completed the IQ test through facebook.  Sent the word STOP to the number specified (1975 6789).  Also called 1300 730 820 to confirm my cacellation and spoke to a woman named Jennifer Roberts.  She confirmed the canellation....  I will see it if works
2009-05-12 by hellen
sent stop with the no.19756789 should I have have spelt it with capitals STOP?I hve had one more sent since then.
2009-05-10 by James
Yeah sending stop will work - at least it did for me. Just make sure you send in just the word STOP, nothing else.
2009-05-10 by Bob Bykerk
I stupidly fell for the IQ test on Facebook.  Immediately after the scam became obvious, I sent STOP to the number, but I have already received their 3 useless messages at $6.60 a piece but not sure if I will be billed.  I am going to call their 1300 number to make sure.
2009-05-06 by James
This is actually one of the few services that was not a problem for me! I'm all for having a go at someone when they are scamming, but when all the information is in front of us and we decide to do it we cant say we dont like what happens!I used an IQ service, all the time on screen it told me charges I would be charged (bottom of screen) and when I entered my mobile I was again told the prices. By SMS. I played it, didn't want it and sent stop and it was stopped.No big deal, I dont know what problems anyone is having? It's really simple. If in doubt, send stop . Even the messages you are sent before the service starts say this!
2009-05-05 by Jim
Fell for this myself, on facebook, just found this on another site and I rang the number given. I just got a text back saying I was now unsubscribed, time will tell if this is true.Premium Number: 19756789Service Provider: Mobile FingerCampaign name: IQ TestCampaign type: Content - SubscriptionCampaign start Date: 16/03/2009 00:01Campaign end Date: 31/12/2099 23:59Campaign Description: Web-based IQ test, where customer answer several questions online and the receives the results via PSMS and then receives ongoing brain teasers.You pay for sending a TXT message to this service: $0.25You pay for receiving a TXT message from this service(*): $6.60(*)some TXT messages sent to users may be exempt from charging. Please pay attention to details in the messageCust Care Phone No: 1300 730 820
2009-05-05 by Pierre
This is a company called  IQ Trivia. Their phone number is 1300 730 820. Phone and complain and request your number be unsubscribed. Sending "STOP" to them may not work, as it took 2 SMSs from me to do this successfully. I called today to complain and to get my $60 odd dollars refunded but they have a "no refund" policy!! The woman was quite blunt and hung up on me. I am now reporting it to the Fair Trading Commission. I complained to Optus, and they were great, also going to call them and demand cessation of unsolicited calls. Each call they make to your number costs you $6.60!! What a ripoff!!  ACT NOW! Get them shut down!!
2009-05-03 by fred sacroug
i was surfing the web and found a sight that would tes you IQ. I played and this is were i fell into the trap.DO NOT ENTER THIS SITE AS I KEEP GETTING MESSAGES TO SUBSCRIBE TO IT.THE WEB SITE IS CALLED IQClub
2009-05-01 by Diane
I just noticed my mobile phone bill and saw that it was double its usual amount. Looked online at the details and saw these premium text messages from that number and wondered what on earth they were. Then I twigged that they are some stupid text I have started receiving with dumb IQ questions. I never subscribed tothis junk and am shicked at the costs. So how do I stop it? If I don;t open the sms does that prevent it being charged? I have had my mobile number since I first got a mobile (over 1o years ago and I would be sorry to change it).
2009-04-28 by somu
I have already sent STOP to 19756789, but they are still sending me msgs and charging me. called the help line 1300730820, its also not responding what can I do to stop this unnecessary charching
2009-04-28 by Argh!
I just got one of these? Why? My number if fairly private - I have NEVER subscribed to any SMS service.I personally think it's disgusting that phone companies can't block these numbers at your request. Someone else I knew got a Gold number that was previously used by someone who subscribed to one of those companies and no matter how many times he went back - (Vodafone) could not stop the company from sending messages and charging money. In the end he had to give up the number.(Just ignore the the message - responding to any unsolicited SMS is just like notifying them that you are active!)
2009-04-27 by Lynette Farrell
Its a text message I have replyed STOP and they keep sending them to me, I put credit on my phone $30 yesterday I made no calls went to ring someone they have taken the lot.
2009-04-27 by Katherine
Hi Lynette its a pain in the butt.  You need to change your number I had this done to me but I kept receiving pictures of naked women why I would want those pictures beats me.  My compnay 3 said there was little they could do to help but report it to the telecommunications ombudsman and change my number I did this when on  a Sunday in a space of 40 minutes whislt waiting for 3 to answer their phone I recieved pictures not stop one after the other at a cost of 132.00 It was not the number you have listed but it was one of those 197 numbers

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