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2008-12-19 by Chris
How the hell do they keep getting our numbers (Rolls eyes) I guess this idiotic number will go on block too.
2008-12-19 by J
Received a call from this number few mins ago (from Idaho), spanish recording.
2008-12-19 by Carol
Just got a call---a spanish recording, then it hung up. This is the second one of these in two days. The other call was from a different number however, but also one that had many complaints. Is this connected I wonder and is it the beginning of a problem? Hope not
2008-12-19 by Kris
I also got a call from this number, about 5 minutes ago. Spanish speaking on the other end. Annoying!!
2008-12-19 by Jack
Voice Mail at 7:54 PM, Spanish and unclear but annoying
2008-12-19 by moose
Answered this call and got a recording in Spanish, annoying.
2008-12-19 by jokerbot666
got a spanish recording also, does anyone know what it says?
2008-12-19 by chocolatte
just got a call from this number a minute ago. voice recording in Spanish
2008-12-19 by Bikeboy77
Just got the call myself and didnt answer... I called back and thankfully the message was in english. Travel related and i proceeded to have my number removed from there database!
2008-12-19 by They can pay my cell phone bills
I have received three Spanish speaking calls recently on my cell phone. This one, I didn't answer. The other two where left on my voice mail as incoming collect calls.
2008-12-19 by John
Just a spanish recording. WTF?
2008-12-19 by Called my cell a minute ago
Received the call on my cell. I did not answer, how annoying.
2008-12-19 by Big Dog
Just got a call from this number. Searched it and got this site.
2008-12-19 by Pleaman
Same here.
2008-12-19 by Cell phone minute stealers need to pay!
Register your number and file a complaint here:
2008-12-19 by HockeyRules
lol i just got the call myself also at 3pm today ENGLISH MOTHER F'ERS DO YOU SPEAK IT!!!!!  <--- REGISTER YOUR PHONE NOW!!!
2008-12-18 by N
Called a minute ago, I picked up the phone and heard a record in Spanish.
2008-12-18 by Gee
I did not answer. Call came in just before 4pm EST.  Message was cut off and something en espanol. Erased
2008-12-18 by julian
I got this call about 3 minutes ago.  Heard a record in Spanish (?).  I immidiately call it back and the recorded message said it was a travel related company.
2008-12-18 by n/a
Called a minute ago, I picked up the phone and heard a record in Spanish

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