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2009-08-03 by KC
Just like some others I didn't answer the call from this number.
2009-08-03 by The Fed(Up)s
I say we all call bomb this number @ a particular time and destroy the service...anyone with me?
2009-07-31 by davis
got the call from erica or something regarding the credit card. pressed 2 and the call was discontinued. my guess a scam but who knows.
2009-07-31 by 31 Jul 09
Received a call from this number this morning on my cell.  Lady said..."Mr. XXXXXXX, I'm calling from the Fraud Alert Center regarding an inquiry on your social security number this morning, please hold the line while I collect that information"......2 min goes by, hang up.  No return call.  Got me to thinking so I called AMEX, etc., nothing going on.  Called Lifelock, nothing.  Called cell provider for info on this number.   Bahamian company routing calls through Mississippi. If you hang on the line for 30 seconds, you begin being charged an ENORMOUS amount of money.  Cell provider said that it's now widespread and they are trying to stop it but near impossible.  They immediately removed the charge but many people don't look over there bills and just assume they went way over.
2009-07-31 by Alan
Got a call on my cell phone but didn't answer it.  No message was left on my cell phone from this number.
2009-07-31 by Blin
Called about credit card but doesn't identify which one.  Knock it off you guys.  You're costing me money!
2009-07-31 by Veronica W
This number has been disconnected.  I tried to call it back.  It called my cell phone.  I missed the call, no voicemail left.
2009-07-31 by Eldridge
This is the 3rd time that they have called me and the last time I pressed option 2 to be removed and now I just got another call from then, so I pressed option 1 to tell the rep I needed to be removed and a rep named DAN told me to press option 2 next time and hung up on me before I could respond. My next step is to report them for harassment and I advise everyone else to do the same if you get several calls.
2009-07-31 by Ashley
I've been getting calls for months.  I finally stayed on the line to be connected with an agent.  As soon as I said, "please remove me from your calling list" she hung up the phone.  There's no avoiding this.  I have Verizon service - Verizon is the notorious company for selling phone numbers to telemarketers.  By the way, DNC lists only provide your phone number - they're a scam.
2009-07-31 by Ed
Thanks for the info , just got a call on my verizon wireless number.At least they did not leave a message.
2009-07-31 by IDAHO
Called Government phone. Pressed opt 1Talked to rep & he hung up on me.
2009-07-31 by Cali
Got a missed call on my IP work phone today. Got a similar call on my cell phone from a guy claiming to be from Wells Fargo, but was about the worst telemarketer ever and couldn't even get through his scam's speech. I hung up and they even called back until I cussed him out. I have never had contact/accounts with Wells Fargo. A total scam.
2009-07-30 by Charleston
How do I put my Cell Phone on the DNC list? I thought it was only for land lines.
2009-07-30 by don f
Just got a call today from 228-209-9560.  Didn't answer it, of course.  Isn't it great that cell phones have caller-id?
2009-07-30 by bothered at work
"Hi, this is Erica with credit card services..." I hung up
2009-07-28 by Atlanta
Yea they Started talkin bout my credit card. I hung up on em. This is confirmation
2009-07-27 by don
'About your Credit Card - don't worry.  Sat on the line and a rep will talk to you about lowering your interest rates'I hung up
2009-07-27 by don
I called back and got a 'disconnected number' announcement.spammed on my company cell phone.
2009-07-27 by Virginia
Called my cell phone at 5:44pm today....I didn't hear it so I missed it.  My cell phone WAS on the dnc list - has been since dnc list began.  I confirmed it as recently as 6 months ago, but last week received a call and went to file complaint and it was NOT on the dnc list - neither was my husbands and both of ours had been.  So someone is wiping cell phones off the dnc list apparently - don't know how but I do know that BOTH of our phones were on that list for over 5 years, up until last week.  So double check your cell phones on dnc list.  I double checked landline and it was still on dnc list.
2009-07-27 by Virginia
by the way, reverse on this is unpublished cell phone out of Biloxi, MS; carrier is Verizon wireless

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