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2010-01-25 by Phil Van Dyke
Keep receiving text messages from 265080 with sender name as :philpuy, which is me.  I am not sending these text messages to people in my phone.
2010-01-25 by chris
I received several texts from this number, finally found aol for mobiles website, and learned if you text 'off' to 265019 it blocks all incoming messages from all aim users..I don't know if it works yet, because I just tried it, but its worth a shot
2010-01-20 by Karl Nelson
Has sent me numerous text messages asking to talk to me greeting me and being flatout annoying. I've asked whoever it is to stop but they continuosly send me text messages. how do i block them if it is at all possible.
2010-01-17 by oappy
265-080 texts me everyday as bowowsgurl214 how do i block them???
2010-01-13 by nick
I received a text from 265080 and i recognize the screen name attached to it? is that possible?
2010-01-10 by kg
I got a message that says brianna wants to talk to you. So I talked to her and we ended up in bed together. LOVE THESE LATE NIGHT TEXT!
2009-12-30 by beth
I keep getting texts from 265080 with my daugthers' aim name.  how do I stopy this?
2009-12-01 by Tyler
To stop all SMS coming from AOL/AIM go to this website
2009-11-18 by Tyler
This is AIM TXT.  At some point in the past you linked your phone with an AOL username.  AOL has bots on it that send messages to random people.Send a text message that says "logout" to 246246.For more info:
2009-11-08 by brittney
I received a text message from that number as well, 265080, it showed up as bbandit413 & said 'need a f*ck buddy tonight?'  That is NOT cool.
2009-11-02 by darrin
go to and sign in or whatever..... then click my account, then mobile... then delete your # out of there system..... i mean really you don't need it there, you didn't even know what it was....i did, no more textsi don't think anyone is targeting certain peolpe. it's a bot, and a virus, that use who ever has the virus and spreads stuff through their name
2009-10-24 by Jim
Receive at least 4 text message per day from this number.  Seem porn-related
2009-09-30 by Momsja
Keep receiving love / dirty messages from this number. I receive them on my work cell phone. I will be pretty upset if I get dired for nothing. I have looked up the website to find it does not exist so they can be removed. I have received up to 5 in 1 day.
2009-09-16 by CONNIE
2009-09-10 by Erik Lee Johnson
I keep getting text messages from numbers like 265080 and 265081 and its agggravating to me and my wife. I even added Smart Limits from AT&T to block these numbers. It needs to be stopped and stopped now.
2009-09-03 by Ray
My daughter keeps receiving text messages from this number from EphBabyGrl251. It is advertising a web site called Pretty sick when these f'ers are targeting cell phones of innocent people and young children. I'd love to see a child molester hunt these SOB's kids down and do something to them. Maybe they would change the way they practice their business.
2009-08-10 by DLONA
THIS FREAKING TEXT CAUSED A MAJOR DISPUTE BETWEEN MY HUSBAND AND IF - I BLEW OFF THE HANDLE FOR HE REC A TEXT FROM THIS FEAKING NUMBER FROM A 2CYNDI@MAC.COM-2/2expectations - indicated - I crap like this that could end a relationship - so my husband wrote eveything down for me to look up and found this - you know don't we have enough filt in the world with having come to your cell phone with no freaking request for it. So if any ladies are reading do not jump to conclusion as I did for it just crap.
2009-08-10 by Leah
It's from AOL instant messaging. The service lets you send messages to cell phones off of AIM.
2009-07-08 by Kari
Got 2 texts from this number today. How do I block this number from texting me??
2009-05-24 by Jean Grey
Weird text this morning about swine flu from some random number who are they how can I block them?

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