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2010-05-26 by JOHAN
2010-05-24 by Johnny Bravo fan
I got the exact same sms this morning. Same winning ticket n umber of 0177P, same grammatiocal errors and by the name one could immediately become suspicious. Sick Joke! Somebody find this guy and mess him maround a bit lol. Too good to be true, often is. The website is a fake and the number goes straight to voicemail. Word to the wise., delete this message, it's a waste of time.Peace :)
2010-05-20 by sinazo tshingana
i also received a message from the l.g, promotion thing, telling me ive won 250000, that would be great if it were real.
2010-05-19 by shantal
I recieved the very same it true or not
2010-05-19 by Vince
I also received a message and tried calling this hoax Jackson Morgan.The no. just rang so I knew something was wrong with this.I tried the no. from where the sms came, and spoke to this guy, he sounded like a foreigner probably a Nigerian, he said I must contact Jackson Morgan. I told him the no. just rings, and this is just a hoax, he did not respond when i told him that. I further stated that I am gonna have his no. investigated by the police.He did not seem leats bit worried,so Just delete this sms if it comes through , I guess these ppl. just want confidential info like bank details and so on.So plse do not give out your info.One might regret it later
2010-05-19 by Ralph
Received same message regarding R250000 winnings. Spoke to "JACKSON MORGAN" who instructed me to purchase R180 airtime and to SMS the pin number to his cell no. Just another Nigerian scam.
2010-05-18 by Barbs
Got the identical message at 530 this morning. Right down to the same grammatical errors and ticket number.
2010-05-17 by David
I received the same sms as all above. Even the same ticket no. This is definitely a scam
2010-05-10 by NOT FOOLED
Congratulations!! Your no. was among the lucky winners of LG YEARLY PROMOTION. You won, R250,000. With even a ticket number. What kick do you get out of sending such messages "Mr Jackson Morgan". I immediately knew it was a prank. Any reputable business will contact a winner of this amount telephonically and you must at least know that you have entered some competition???
2010-05-06 by unknown
got the same message and i really think that who ever this person is should get lost ? I would love to know where they got my details from?
2010-05-04 by D. Jacob
I received the same sms as all above. Even the same ticket no. How is this possible? Who is Jackson Morgan?
2010-04-30 by ***
I recevied the exact same sms this morning!!
2010-04-30 by SAM
2010-04-23 by A replies to TB21 Apr 2010I got the exact same sms this morning with the same ticket number 0177P. Definitely a SCAM.Reply ! theo
Sick joke, this person really is a lost cause, he/ she must surely not have any friends or love in his/ her life. I forgive him/ her and truly pray that he she finds some help.He/ she must not forget that there is a GOD wathcing over his/ her perverted scheme, what this person is doing could very easily bring more unwanted hurt to an already suffering people. What on earth must the poor and helpless feel or think when they find out that someone is torturing them even more than what life is already doing to them, I pray that God will bind this person and all their evil deeds. I also pray that all and everyone that has received this sms will be abundantly blessed. I ask this in the name of JESUS.
2010-04-15 by TB
I also received an sms stating I won on the LG promotion. It read: "Congratulation!! Your no. Was among the lucky winners on the LG YEARLY PROMOTION. You won, R250,000. Ticket no. 0177P. Call your Claim Agent Mr Jackson Morgan on 0710001696 or For your Cash Prize immediately from 08am to 06pm."There are so many grammatical errors in this sms, that I would seriously have to wonder what type of Marketing Resources a reputable company like LG employ to send out messages like that to their customers. The email address doesn't even look authentic, and it came through at some ridiculous hour of the morning. I don't even own any LG products - where would they get my information from in the first place. Definately a scam!
2010-04-14 by Mokwena Tebogo replies to Jane14 Apr 2010I received an sms today in the morning (14 th April 2010) saying that i have won R250 000.00. I would like to enqure on how i could receive the money. My contact details are Cell: 0763182865 and E-mail: tebogo.mast
I received an sms today in the morning (14 th April 2010) saying that i have won R250 000.00. I would like to enqure on how i could receive the money. My contact details are Cell: 0763182865 and E-mail:
2010-04-07 by Jane
Received an sms from Jackson Morgan to say that I have won R250 000
2010-03-31 by Sonz
With much scepticism I read a message from LG Yearly Promotion.  How nice if it were real. Contact Mr Jackson Morgan. The name alone put its straight into the scam box.

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