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2008-09-05 by RN
These folks have now crossed the line...calling me at work and not having the guts to leave any message. Is it illegal for these calls to be made to work numbers? I had no idea who they were until I found this site. No idea why they are calling.
2008-07-18 by EnoughAlready
I receive calls from these people day and night. They are extreemely rude when I explain to them yet again that I have had my phone number for three years and the person they are trying to contact owes everyone and their brother money, they just hang up. I have threatened legal action and they hang up, although one operator asked if I knew where she was calling from and what comes up on my caller id. Trying to cover your tracks much? Something needs to be done about these people. I pay my bills on time.
2008-06-13 by J
My father has received calls once per day so far from these people and we were wondering why the heck he was getting these.  I had a friend in TX call the number and they were quite rude all-around to her.  They need sued for all of this harassment.
2008-06-06 by hatefalsestatements
HATE that these people are still calling me after 3 years of telling them the person they are looking for does not live at my phone # and where they do live. They stop calling for maybe about a month and then it starts all over again. Wonder if I hand draw them a map to who they are looking for if they will then catch on?! Maybe I should collect the money for whoever hired them and take a comission. The website for these people are a joke! Talking about great customer service...blah, blah,blah....not what I've received or what I have read these other people have received. I called the number listed on the website, which is different than what shows on caller ID and it says if you want the directory of names press # so I did....said it was an invalid option. Said to press zero to leave a general message and I got disconnected. I am sooooo tired of these people! Yet again though I will call tomorrow and give them the information they can't seem to realize I've given them soooooo many times before and HOPE they will NEVER bother me again!
2008-03-29 by Equality 7-2521
Actually, I made a mistake on the home address: It is now 1415 Eldridge Parkway, Houston, TX 77077.  They have since closed the fax lines.  However, I feel that Terry and Yvonne Simonds are in need of some enlightening literature in the mail. I don't have a home number, sorry. The business address for Universal Fidelity LP/Corp is: 1445 Langham Creek Lp. Houston. Scarry how much you can find on Zabasearch.comBy the way, reporting them to the FCC when you are on the No Call List is pointless as it is just for a database and not actually reporting a violation.
2008-03-29 by vw
Protect your rights!?  Read Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Title 809.
2008-03-28 by Mike L.
Yeah, I got the computer generated phone call from Universal Fidelity Corporation, except that only the last part of their message was recorded in my voice mail which included the phone number.  When I called it, asking who was leaving a message, the operator did not answer me directed to another line where  a message told me to hold for a "customer service representative".  An internet search has shown this to be a collection agency with some complaints and law suits filed against them, but that is probably true of all collection agencies.       One person complained that they were calling him at work, which is illegal. Hope they don't keep calling me.  If they do, I'll start looking for a government agency to complain to.
2008-03-17 by Equality 7-2521
Caller is Universal Fidelity Corp. Part of Univeral Fidelity LP. CEO is Terry W. Simonds of 6249 Spoon Bill St. Katy, TX 77493 (by the way, he has a nice pool in the backyard purchased on your misery). I have his home number (and neighbors), but am saving it if they keep calling. Phone for UFC (281)647-4100.  If you'd like to continuously fax bomb them their fax is: 281-647-4200, 281-861-0096, and 281-647-4207.  web: the way, checking the records, Mr. Simonds is a huge supporter of several republican candidates.  Monies have been donated on the corporations behalf in the thousands. There are several class action lawsuits against the company over the past several years for fraudualant practices. All appear to be settlements. Happy hunting....
2008-03-15 by 281-647-4152
031408:  I have no credit cards, loans, or mortage - yet they have called endlessly for months now in violation of Federal Collection Laws.  I have no idea which of my three phone numbers they are calling, and even with my name, address, city and state - they won't remove me from their data base, (thus they keep calling my phone number to collect someone elses debt.  I think it's time to involve the Barker, Texas police and the Texas Attorney General's office.  These people are as rude as can be.
2008-03-15 by IRATE
ok, here is my situation. i am pretty new to the area where i am now living. whoever had this number before me must own the entire world money. i get collection calls for this person, and his wife, or a female with the same last name he his using. anyway........ this is one of the numbers that keeps calling and calling and calling. they leave voice messages on my voice mail that cannot go into the matter b/c of the nature of the call. well, i have ignored these annoying endless calls b/c i know they are looking for this person who had the number before us. WELL... todasy they called really really early, (today is Saturday), so i was like, this has to stop. so, I called this toll number and i got to speak to someone, Rude as can be. i tried to explain thast this is a new number to us and they need to stop calling us be it is bordering on harrassment. the guy on the phone who said his name was Chris, was so nasty, and i told him i am doing them a favor by calling them to stop looking for this guy at my  number b/c he doesnt have this number anymore. he said "we aredoing you the favor by removing the phone number" and hung up on me. well, now i am even more pissed off at the rudeness. i called back because i want a letter to state i have been removed from their call list, which they have to provide by law. and this other woman hung up on me too. how can they opperate business like this?
2008-03-12 by g mar 11 2008
I'm sick of yhe calls they hang up after the message and i refuse to answer it when it rings leave me the piss alone
2008-02-21 by Cybia
I'm constantly getting calls from them and they even tried asking me for my bank account info.
2008-02-16 by john
They continue to call my home several times a day to discuss a "urgent matter".  I am debt free so there should be no need for collection calls however when I return the call I get placed on hold and shuffled around to an eventual voice mail.  I am now going to have my attorney file suit against them for harrising calls that offer no explanation of what or why the call is about.
2008-02-14 by g
go to and do a search on the phone number.Universal Fidelity Corporation1445 Langham Creek Dr. (281) 647-4100Houston, TX 77084
2008-02-09 by Joe
I receive calls from this number a few times a day.  Sometimes it is listed as UNKNOWN, other times as UNVL FIDLTY COR. There is just a recording stating this is not a sales call and it is an urgent matter.  If it is urgent, why don't they just call?  I will not return the call.
2008-01-23 by Kenya Bundy
I kkep recieving a message from this nimber to call to settle a matter they can not discuss over the phone.  When I call the say "Fidelity (something) hold please" and just puts me on hold.  I did try to call back a couple times to catch the person before they put me on hold to find out who they were but even though I know they heard me speaking they still put me on hold.  At that point I hung up and began to think this is a scam to put charges on my phone bill since they kept placing me on hold.  What is going on?  I googled it but I haven't found anything directly linking it to a scam.
2008-01-23 by Kenya Bundy
I keep recieving a message from this number to call to settle a matter they can not discuss over the phone.  When I call the say "Fidelity (something) hold please" and just put me on hold.  I did tried to call back a couple times to catch the person before they put me on hold to find out who they were but even though I know they heard me speaking they still put me on hold.  At that point I hung up and began to think this is a scam to put charges on my phone bill since they kept placing me on hold.  What is going on?  I googled it but I haven't found anything directly linking it to a scam.
2008-01-18 by Susan Jordan
Keep receiving threatening messages ... I have no bills due ... then a recording  states to "Call right away to resolve this matter"  I called this number and no one answers or is cut off after the first ring.  WHAT IS THIS THING? A SCAM?
2007-09-20 by mike jones
just answer the call and quit dodging
2007-07-04 by SuzieQ
This number called me at 8:30 in the morning on the 4th of July!!!!  A freaking HOLIDAY!!!!!!  I looked the number up on and it said that it was a land line based in Barker, TX.  When I called the number back the operator said "Fidelity, How can I direct your call?"  From there I just hung up and the googled the number.  I have since added this number to my "do not answer" list of numbers!  Expecially if they are going to call me on a stinking holiday!

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