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2011-01-24 by vw replies to mike14 Jan 2011That's funny. I did the same too. And he got mad and said I was going to be arrested. I told him that I will be waiting on him. It'll be like waiting to see a long lost friend. LMAOS. He got mad and hung up. lolReply ! A
I saw your posted ad and I decided to contact you. My name is Owen Gibson, I am a money lender as well as Angel investor, reply my email for more information on how to acquire loan from me via my email: Gibson loans money... I declined to go through with a loan but gave out my basic information.  I'm just glad I did not give out any personal account information because I have no idea who I was dealing with.  My phone is ringing every hour, two and three times since.  That's the last time I do that.  I just need these calls to stop.
2011-01-11 by mike
Got a call from this guy... told me it was for Payday Loans... I answer the phone saying my full name and he asks after a second pause "is Michael there?... I said "I just answered the phone with my Name, I guess that would mean I'm here right?... So we get into it and I ask him who he is and what company he works for and he refused to tell me... Then made some comment about me riding the short bus... Real Jerk... I laughed and peppered him with questions about who he works for and laughed about he having to stay on the phone with me and losing out on other sales... He Hung up...
2010-12-05 by Matthew
called this morning.

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