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2010-05-01 by Julia M
Received call (5/1/10) only  silence.  Did a *69 and dialed number.  Got a recording that said" You do not owe any money and Have a nice day".
2010-03-11 by lupe
Keeps calling . don't know why. won't give information .like how he get my number
2010-03-10 by jerry
They asked for someone by their first name only.  When I asked them who they were, there was only silence so I hung up.  This has happened before with other numbers as well.
2010-03-05 by catheirne
they keep calling me as well,,hate the un nessasary calls from people i don't need to hear from,,,like the seattle times,,,
2010-02-18 by Call them back! Here's the info!!!
I have tracked down Mainstream Marketing Services from Boulder, CO. Their headquarters are 5620 Arapahoe Ave Apt 218, Boulder, CO 80303-1348. Their phone number is (303)415-9830. I spoke with someone named Amanda and told her that this place needed to stop calling me immediately.  She took down my number, said she'd enter it as a Do Not Call into their databases (they have hundreds she said) and it should take about 7 days for the request to cycle through and to stop receiving their calls.  We'll see what happens.  Even it I'm still called, now I can call them back directly to demand compliance with not calling, or in the alternative...a class action suit?  Good luck with your individual endeavors to get them from stop calling.  I hope this helps.
2010-01-25 by Lori
This number "Boulder Colorado" has been calling me for months, and several times a down to about once or twice a week maybe. I can't stand it, even though I am usually not home. Today I was home, answered and after two HELLO's and no response, it seemed to go dead. Not exactly a hang-up sound, just a disconnect sound. It also sounded like overseas type or long distance (more than just states away) more like a different country. That is just my experience. I would like these to stop, and don't have a way to block on my phone.
2010-01-14 by laura
Dear "Employee", Yeah you may be doing your job, however you are just about the most annoying type of person out there. You are not saving me any money by harassing me. In fact I am more apt to hang up on you in the first few seconds due to your guerrilla tactics. Also, instead of spending your time calling people, why don't you go back to school and finish your education. I found several misspelled words and well as sentences that had grammatical errors. Since you have access to our home numbers, how about you give us yours and we will call you at all hours of the day, when you are tired, or when you are trying to put your kids down to sleep. I dare you, give us your number and lets see how much you enjoy! Have a great day!
2010-01-13 by Chris
This number calls our house once per week.I called back once and a man answered and said I had the wrong number and hung up.then called back and it was a voice machine.
2009-12-31 by terry smith
this number keep call every night no one there when i say hello please tale me off youe list. T9R2
2009-12-22 by Heather
these people call you and don't talk. when you call back you get a machine. i left a message saying i would call my attorny if they didn't stop harrassing me. we'll see
2009-12-12 by Luke
Getting the same call.  Googled "Bolder" and found a telemarketing company:Bolder Calls3220 Prairie AveBoulder,CO80301-2508Local: (303) 381-0816Called the number and told them the situation and to take me off of their list and they did.  Now waiting to see if the calls stop coming.
2009-12-02 by Sonia
am getting calls from this number since one month and this person keeps calling 3 to 4 times a days....its really disturbing when people who dont know you keep calling and dont respond when you say hello....
2009-11-20 by SME
Just tired of these calls... I block one number and they call on another line....
2009-11-18 by tom
Got a call from 303-476-9936 person on other end called me by my lastname, they find your number in phone books and on 411 information, alsoATT, Time Warner, Comcast, Etc all sell your name & information unless you notify them in writing and list your number as private !
2009-10-14 by malykii
I was already on the do not call list for almost a year and still go this. My phone provider gave me the # too and when I got thru they wont give any info to you except we can pass it on to out IT and it'll take time to get you on our dnc~ hmmmmmm She also refused to tell em whom,what,etc they do and whom for.
2009-10-05 by Ryan Walker
I called the 1-800 number and told them to put my number on the DNC list and that is all I had to do.Thank You
2009-10-02 by Stop the Clowns
Bolder Calls 3220 Prairie Avenue Boulder, Colorado 80301 Phone: (303) 415-9830 Toll Free: (800) 379-3438 Caller ID: 303-476-9936Caller Company: Boulder CallsCompany (intentionally?) uses mispelling on Caller ID as "Boulder" not Bolder.  There are hundreds of complaints against this company online and several lawsuits pending as well.  Now that you have their #, call them back and do something about it!  :)Caller ID: 303-476-9936Caller: Boulder Calls
2009-09-30 by Rachel
I keep getting them too and I'm getting really fed up with it!
2009-06-24 by Ira
same as Juli, received a call, they didn't leave a messagewhen I called back I got a busy signal
2009-02-15 by Julie
Missed a call from this number - have no idea who it is. Called back and got a busy signal.

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