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2009-06-04 by wickedwitch
I'm having the same problem as the above posts.  They call several times a day.  I do have loans with Sallie Mae and like the others, they are not overdue.  I have tried to block the number but the calls are still coming through.  This is getting very annoying.
2009-05-26 by RMS
They call constantly and say they can't speak to me about my loans until they verify who I am.  They are fraudulent and just trying to get your social security number and mother's maiden name....the most common access to all of your accounts!!!!  When I mention the word fraud they hang up on me but still call repeatedly at all hours of the day and night.It is my cell phone they are calling and *60 does not work neither does telling them not to call.
2009-05-14 by sjds
you can dial *60 to block a specific call
2009-04-28 by Abryen
i want to know how to block calls
2009-04-03 by sm
Not a clue who they are. if they ARE Sallie Mae, then why does Sallie Mae (shown in CID) call separately????
2009-02-04 by Michigan
Never leaves me a message but continually calls
2009-01-08 by d
some a**hole demanded to speak with a person i have never known, met, or even heard of.  i politely told them they had a wrong # and some jerk started cursing at me and i told him to add he to the dnc and he refused and then i hu... PUT A BLOCK ON THEM. they have called at the same time every night for months.  i finally got fed up!
2008-12-20 by piss off in the D
They call and wont say nothing and when i call back they say thank you for calling.... then the lines go blank
2008-11-27 by sjg
just received a call from this number and it stated on my caller ID "outbound only", a recorded message came on the line and said hold for an important call, I held and a woman's said a very faint hello, I said hello back and she hung up. I do not have any loan with Sallie Mae, I am a grandmother!
2008-10-22 by KrysP
I also receive this number in my recent calls, never get a msg and often times they call while im at class (9:30am)and i have never taken out a loan with anyone. My boyfriend has loans with them but they seem to think it's appropriate to call all members of his family or social network just to get ahold of him which seems completely inappropriate to me. Either way, it's annoying...
2008-09-16 by Christian
Calls constantly... never leaves a message...
2008-08-27 by billyd46714
Call constantly, leave no msg, when answered, nothing but static.
2008-08-23 by Me too
Same as above...nothing but loud static. A-holes...
2008-08-01 by Steve
Started getting calls from this number, but nothing but loud static sound.
2008-07-31 by Kathy
2008-05-03 by another angry mother
Received call at 8:30pm. My husband has to be at work at 4:30am. The person on the other line wouldnt same anything.
2008-02-13 by Concern
The number is to Academy Collection Service, Inc (ACS)I just tried to send a fax to Academy Collection Service, Inc (ACS) at (215) 281-7512. They have 3 call centers. They are located at:Philadelphia HEADQUARTERS     Philadelphia #2            Las Vegas #3 10965 Decatur Road     9350 Ashton Road, Suite 101    750 Pilot Road, Suite A Philadelphia, PA 19154    Philadelphia, PA 19114        Las Vegas, NV 89119 That number automatically contact me to a number out of the country. I feel this a way you cannot send them a letter to inform them not to contact you again. You must send them a letter stating that and they must remove your number from their call center and not contact you again. It is the law. It is under the FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICE ACTCaller ID: 215-320-0424 and 317-594-1043Caller: Academy Collection Service, Inc (ACS)
2008-02-07 by Getting the same calls
My phone is registered to the Do Not Call Registery and have reported the phone 317-594-1043.  I have student loans but not with Sallie Mae!  And my student loans are not overdue!
2007-12-13 by Spot
317-594-1043 is Sallie Mae calling about overdue student loans - even if the loans aren't overdue.  Block the number but be warned they have many more.  Since they began outsourcing their customer service has gone to hell.  At one time they were helpful and polite.  Not so nice these days.
2007-09-18 by Mom of a student
Every weekday morning for almost a year they've been calling.  The number shown does not accept return calls.  I'm about to block that number from calling due to the annoyance.  Nobody is on the phone when I pick it up, and they never leave a message.

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