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2009-03-11 by Rusty
This is a Collection Debt Collector. If you are getting calls from them they have been hired to collect a debit. If they are calling for someone other then those who reside in your residence. ASK FOR A SUPERVISOR and ADVISE them they have the wrong # and YOU will begin to start pressing harrassment charges if they do not stop calling. Once you tell them they have the wrong number. They must (By Law) Stop calling.
2009-03-06 by Bob
Call constantly. Sometimes leave a prerecorded message asking for someone that I don't know and doesn't reside here. Have had the phone number for over a year. Sometimes there is no message left.
2009-02-18 by b
They have called my work number many times and have left messages to call back without identifying what company they are or what it is regarding. Finally today got a message from a Faith Atwood who identified the company as JC Christensen & Assoc. with the call back number 866-505-6190. I have just recently started this job (just over a month!) and they have been calling my direct line, not sure how they got it.
2009-02-16 by JW 1-15-09
Thia Arrays Services shows up on my caller ID they do not leave any message on my answering machine They call two times a day and when we pick up the phonetheir is no one to respond to.
2009-01-07 by D
Have been getting daily calls from this company, JC Christensen Assoc., 866-748-3879, turns out they are a debt collector.  They said the person they are trying to contact gave them my number as thier contact information and they are just trying to help them out.  I think they got my number by just looking up the same last name as the person they were trying to contact.  I told them to stop calling me in no uncertain terms, the lady got rude, Colleen McDonald (sp?).  Via Google, I belive they are associated or are also known as Resurgent Capital Services.
2008-12-24 by tracey mikkelson
Sent me a text implying they got my number from a mutual friend. Highly unlikly!  No caller id and no accompaning name.
2008-12-08 by Earl
Got a call from them today. The caller's name was Barbara Dean. Called the toll-free number back and got her voicemail. Toll-free number was 866.739.3431.
2008-12-08 by Roary
I got a text from them when I got home.There was no name or number.Noting to identify them with and they say they got my number they're own way. I want them to stop but there is no freakin call back number or name.
2008-10-16 by Jen- Oct 16 2008
This jack--- company keeps calling.  They were told to stop, but continue to call everyday.  I guess they need a wake up call from an attorney!!!!!  Time to fight back. The ID box comes up Array Services & the caller is JC Christiansen & Assoc.
2008-09-16 by Mike
It is against the law for creditors to call you at work "OR" at home once you've asked them to stop.  If creditors continue to call you "after" you've told them not to.  Document the time, the conversation and the dates of the continuing harassment and call an attorney.  Especially this bunch who falsely represents themselves when calling, acts like a long lost friend when family members answer the phone, etc.  They are just a bunch of low class 3rd tier old debt collectors.  DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT and call an attorney.  Their a** will wind up in Federal Court.
2008-04-21 by Shelly
I get a call from this number every day. A guy named Grant Donaldson calls work number & cell. Leaves me a message to call back but never says why he is calling.
2008-03-20 by Kayla
For the last week a few different numbers have called me asking for a man named William. Including this one. A lady was on the line.
2008-02-26 by jf
"Array Services"  ??????
2008-02-06 by Brian Lawson
I get this call several times a day
2007-12-21 by Puerto
I get the same call at least three times a day and sometimes more.
2007-11-21 by HELPER
2007-10-30 by DH
Its a debt collector.  Not sure which company yet.
2007-10-26 by Stephanie
I keep geting calls from this number onb my land line,  When I call back, I keep geting all circuits are busy.
2007-10-23 by Annoyed in PA
When did you post this message? I'm getting the same phone number calling my cell phone. (Today is Oct. 23, 2007) Have you tried calling it back? What gives?
2007-10-22 by Annoyed in Massachusetts
This number calls me at least twice a day. it's driving me insane.

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