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2011-01-20 by Fefe
I answered once...MONTHS ago, it was the Beacon Journal....I TOLD them to take my number off their list and stop calling...i didn't ask...I told them.....they still call weekly...months later.....turned the number in to the do not call.....they still call. Screw phones, I'm tired of being harassed by idiot callers who won't stop even when you tell them to, and when they aren't supposed to call in the first place.
2011-01-12 by Elmo
Called this number back and it is Akron Beacon Journal. They wanted to sign me up for a promotional deal to get their paper on the weekends.
2011-01-03 by ELKE
Uh---Also, NO IDEA who this may be!  Come on person(s)---what's it all about Alfie???  At least have the decency to leave a message (?)  With "caller ID"  I'M never going to answer this call if you don't----and probably you wouldn't want me to if you do!!  This is ridiculous and reeks of harassment!!'' CUT IT OUT!!  Don't want to "call names", BUT----"MORON"!!
2009-12-15 by annonmys
I have no idea of who is calling me from this number. The CID only says Ohio call, and the phone number.Caller ID: 330-597-3251Caller: OHIO CALL

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